Weekend Wrap-up!

Brrr. It’s a chilly Monday morning here in Springfield! Our weekend plans changed a little bit when Jake got hit with some terrible sickness late Friday night, but we will get to that later. We grabbed an early dinner with some friends at Pappo’s Friday night. It was delcious and we love our time with Sam and Ryan.
Saturday morning it was raining and cold, so I opted for some treadmill miles. I had a waffle before I started. My plate matched my shirt…
I am still loving my Believe Training Journal. Just finished up week 2 of training for the OKC Marathon!
While I ran on the treadmill, Jake and two buddies rode their trainers in our shop. Jake was feeling a little better Saturday morning, so we were hoping he was on the mend.
I had an easy 45 minute run, so I jammed out to some of my favorite tunes and then did my third lifting workout for the week. My friend, Mary, has been writing plans for me and some of her other friends. She’s awesome. Thank you, Mary!! I upped some of my weights, too, so that was a good feeling!
The boys were still riding when I finished running and lifting, so I went to say hi.
Post-workout breakfast and coffee. The morning time is my favorite. I love getting to relax and drink coffee.
We had a surprise birthday party to go to in the afternoon, so we got ready for that. My hair was nuts, so I pulled part of it back. As we were walking to the car, Jake said, “wow, your hair is big today.” Haha! I tried to get a picture, but couldn’t really get one. I swear it has a mind of it’s own when it’s curly. I only have control over it if I straighten it.
I had a delicious bacon cheeseburger and a side of cauliflower for lunch. 
I also got to love on this handsome guy.
Welcome to the 30 club, fellas!!!
After the party, we got home and Jake took a nap. We had another party to go to later Saturday night. Jake woke up from his nap super miserable and feeling way worse, so we decided to stay home so he could rest and not spread whatever he has. While he rested, I went to the grocery store. Look at all these Mighty Spark sales!! This is the meat I’ve been sharing about that we love so much. This is at Lucky’s. Go get some! It’s SO delicious and they have a huge variety.
I picked up some soup for Jake and then made this plate of leftovers. I ended up only eating about half of it. I was trying so hard not to waste food, but I just couldn’t eat all of it.
I put some laundry away and then decided to do a face mask before bed. First, it’s really hard to get a picture looking happy with one of these on. They shift if you move your face! Second, this mask kept growing. Each minu
te, it would get more foam on it. I couldn’t stop laughing.
This was halfway through!
This is right before I took it off. How crazy is that??
My skin felt really good after I rinsed the mask off, though! It was worth it to look like a total weirdo for 20 minutes. 
Lu was ‘’helping’ me with the last bit of laundry.
No clue how that is comfortable.
This made me laugh really hard.
Sunday morning called for some speed work! I was excited. This was my first time back on the track since October.
I had some easy warm-up miles, so I ran a big loop around some neighborhoods to get to the track. If you run outside in the winter and don’t use a buff, I highly recommend getting a few. They’re a game changer. They keep your face and breath warm.
It felt SO good to do some speed work after running slow all week. I was knee/ankle pain free, too!
I got home around lunch time, so I made us egg, spinach, butternut squash, and cheese tacos with the last of our leftovers. They were delicious.
Look what Jake got for me!! I’m pumped. The doorbell has a camera and a microphone. You get a notification on your phone when someone is at your door, then you can see them and talk to them. I love it.
Jake was still feeling pretty crummy, so he rested most of the day. He is not an easy sick person. He likes to be doing things, so he really struggles with resting. Poor guy.

After my run, I got started on meal prep. I finished Jake’s lunches for the week and cooked everything for my own.

Jake is having quinoa bowls with beef, black beans, tomatoes, onion, and cheese.
This makes me happy.
All the things with hopes I don’t catch what Jake has. Since I haven’t been sleeping well, I’m even more worried about catching it.
We picked up Galloway for dinner and watched a movie last night.
Lu was ready for bed about 7PM. I don’t blame her.
Just in case you needed a reminder on this Monday – everything is figureoutable!
Positive vibes sent Jake’s way, please. I want him to feel better ASAP. I have a chiropractor appointment here in a little bit, then it’s time to get some things done around the house! I didn’t sleep great last night, so that’s a bummer. Hoping for good sleep tonight!
Happy Monday, friends!

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