A cool iPhone feature + teaching + this dinner was awesome!

For breakfast this week, we are switching things up. We are having egg sandwiches with Pepper Jack cheese, mushrooms, spinach, and chicken apple sausage on the side.
Look at that deliciousness.
I read about this awesome feature on the iPhone on another blog yesterday. I thought it was super cool, so I wanted to share it with you. Jake and I try really hard not to be on our phones all the time. Between him being on Altra Red Team, me having a blog and teaching online classes, and both of us being ambassadors for various companies, sometimes it can be a struggle to not be on our phones. I thought this feature would be helpful. You can set the time to whenever you want ‘’downtime’. I selected mine to start at 8:30 and end at 4. To do this on your phone: settings > screen time  > downtime. 
You can have all of your apps on the limited list or you can select ones that you would like to always be available. These are the apps that I made always available.
Yesterday, I cleaned our whole house and got a bunch of things ready for my classes this semester. I realIzed about 1:30 that I hadn’t had lunch, so I heated up some of the food I meal prepped on Sunday – chicken, cooked with ghee and Everything But The Bagel seasoning, quinoa, and my favorite brussels.
I finished getting everything ready for my one of my classes that starts this week. I have two more, both online, that start next week.
I am drinking all kinds of good stuff with hopes I don’t catch whatever Jake had. If I can avoid it, it will be a miracle. I love this tea.
I had someone ask about the Ring door bell I shared yesterday. This is what we see on our phones! We can talk to whoever is there, too!
Crackers with Sriracha. So good.
Yesterday was an off day from running, so I hopped on the treadmill to walk and read. I needed to move a little. I am still loving this book. I’m over halfway through it and have learned so much. I highly suggest it to any female athlete. Males can learn from it, too!
Dinner last night was something I just kind of threw together and it ended up being delicious. I love when that happens because it’s not always the case, HA! We had roasted red pepper chicken with goat cheese, green beans, and a chunk of jalapeño corn bread. YUM. I used a salad dressing I got at Lucky’s awhile ago to marinate the chicken for 24 hours, then I just baked it. So easy! This was supposed to be our dinner for two nights, but Jake ate all of his chicken, so I’ll figure something else out for tonight.
Foot rubs and Netflix before we knocked out some more work. And yes, Jake ‘relaxes’ in jeans. I don’t get it.
I wanted to share a little more about downtime, since last night was my first time using it. I got this notification 5 minutes before it was going to start (8:30).
This is what it looks like when downtime kicks in.
If for some reason you need to check something within an app,
you can still access it. This is the prompt you get. If you hit ignore limit, you’ll get another prompt asking if you want a 15 minute reminder or if you want access to whatever app it is without a limit. I love it!
I laid in bed and read some more before going to sleep. Remember how my PT told me I had a weak core when I was having all those hamstring issues?? It makes total sense! Our core is more than just our abs. Dr. Sims (author of this book) says it’s everything between our head, arms, and legs. She gives some exercises to do to strengthen that area in this book. I’m adding them to my weightlifting regiment!
I got cleared from the chiropractor yesterday, YAY! I’ll go back in a month or so, just to make sure everything is still okay. If you need someone local, I highly recommend Christina Thomas at Active Life Chiropractic. She’s awesome.

I’m off to run and lift!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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