Workouts + garlic obsession + garage gym life.

I’ve been dedicated to doing my band work before every run. These moves help to activate my glutes. HERE’S a two-minute video for you to try if you’re interested!
We use this little heater in our garage during the winter. It’s tiny, but it sure heats things up!
I was not really feeling a run yestday, so each minute seemed to drag by. Whenever that happens lately, I remind myself how I felt when I COULDN’T run. So, I knocked out my 45 minutes of easy miles and then had breakfast. These egg sandwiches are hitting the spot this week. They don’t make very pretty pictures, but they are SO tasty. 
This is the workout I have today! The WAHOO! Running crew did it together on Tuesday morning.
I ran a bunch of errands yesterday, so I wore my new Bass Pro hat that my sister-in-law got me for Christmas. Thanks, Chels! 
I printed off all of the things I need for the class I’m teaching, then I ran by the grocery store. This is how we have to buy garlic powder…we go through so much garlic. 
Leftovers for lunch.
Lu was pretty excited to see me when I got home. I had to hold her for about 10 minutes before she would stop crying when I put her down. She looks really big in this picture. I think it’s time for a hair cut. 
After lunch, I organized all of the things I had printed. I had forgotten how many copies are needed for seated classes. I’ve just been teaching online courses. 
I was too hungry when I finished my run to lift, so I lifted yesterday afternoon. It was chilly in our garage, so I got all bundled up. Yesterday was arm day and it kicked my butt! (Thanks, Mary!) I also did some planks when I was finished. That book I keep talking about, Roar, talks about the importance of core work and how planks are one of the best moves we can do.
Dinner was leftover chicken, butternut squash risotto, and sourdough bread with jelly.
Jake always looks fake when I use my front camera. It makes me laugh! We relaxed on the couch for a little bit after dinner. Jake is almost back to normal from being sick, thank goodness!
I’m still drinking cherry juice before bed. Sometimes I think it helps, and sometimes it doesn’t. Last night it didn’t help. I don’t know why I’m having such trouble sleeping right now. Hopefully it’s just a phase.
Lu fell asleep on my hand while I was reading. She was extra cuddly before bed.
I was supposed to get up at 4 and knock out my workout, but since I didn’t sleep well again, I stayed in bed. I think I’m going to just get up when I’m supposed to from now on. I don’t really sleep any better when I stay in bed past my alarm, so maybe sticking to my schedule will help. I’m about to do my run now, then I have a half day of subbing. I’m worn out, so we will see how this workout goes, HA!
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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