Workouts + our new babies + easy dinner tip!

This is one of my favorite graphics, thought I’d share it with ya!
I haven’t been sleeping well, so I didn’t start my workout yesterday until around 8AM. It sounded like a tough one, so I was excited and nervous for it. I ended up running on the treadmill because I was short on time. I sure do love having a treadmill at home!
That was the hardest, best workout I’ve ever done. Holy cow. I was drenched. I even turned off the heater and took my shirt off. Wow. I got about 8 miles in total with lots of speed work between 7:20 and 8 minute paces. WAHOO! Running’s focus is on keeping easy days easy and hard days hard. Well, that hard day kicked my butt.
Between my WU, recovery walks, and CD, I averaged 8 miles at 9:32. It doesn’t look fast, but those pushes in the middle were tough! It felt good to run fast, though. I loved this workout.
I was so dead after that workout that I didn’t want to eat breakfast. I only had an hour to eat, get ready, and get to the school I was subbing in, so I packed my packed super quick and forced myself to eat breakfast. I got these new yogurts at the store this week. They’re 50% less sugar. They’re pretty good!
I wasn’t hungry at all, but knew I needed to eat. I had bites of this while I got ready to sub. Then it was off! I worked on a high school yesterday, so that was fun!
Back in the school life – always behind school busses.
I got home and was pretty worn out. This whole not sleeping thing is driving me nuts. I knew I wouldn’t want to cook dinner later, so I cooked everything super fast (at 3PM). I put it all in containers and we just heated it up at dinner time. Ha! We had this bruschetta chicken from Mighty Spark Food Co and it was AMAZING. Maybe my favorite.
After I cooked dinner, I soaked in some Epsom salt and this bath bomb. My body was worn out from that workout (aaaaaand from not sleeping well.)
This picture doesn’t do the color justice, but the water was bright green!
When Jake got home from work, we headed to one of our favorite places – Sunshine Bike Shop – and got our new bikes ordered! Mine is that pretty white one. I’m so excited to have a road/gravel bike.
Jake got this orange one! We had looked at a few others, but they were on back order and Jake has some races coming up, so he didn’t want to wait. We should get them next week!
After the bike shop, we came home and heated up dinner. It worked out perfectly! Lentils, broccoli, Might Spark chicken, and sourdough bread.
I didn’t sleep well again last night (uuuugh) so I’m kind of in a fog today. I’m about to head to campus to teach, then I need to run and lift. After that, I’m going to relax. Maybe next week my sleeping schedule will be back to normal….if you have any secret sleeping tips, let me know!!
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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