Weekend Wrap-up!

I got to do so many of my favorite things this weekend! It was wonderful. Between spending time with friends, eating delicious food, and having a trail date with Jake, our weekend was full!

Friday morning started with another delicious egg sandwich. I loved having these all week, but I definitely prefer to have breakfast already prepped. It just makes it easier! I can’t decide what to have for this week. I am meal prepping today, so I guess I should figure that out.

I picked up a half day of subbing on Friday, so I took lunch with me. I had leftover chicken and quinoa, with some sautéed spinach on the side. I drenched this deliciousness with coconut aminos. YUM.
I had a super rough class of 8th graders. Luckily, there was an impromptu assembly at the beginning of the class period. They were SO wild. I was saved by the assembly. Also, Jake doesn’t understand how funny I am. ; )
After subbing, I sipped on some Kefir yogurt as a snack. If you haven’t had Kefir before, it’s a very liquid yogurt. It is SO good with grape nut cereal. I’ll use the yogurt instead of milk. So good. 
Friday night, Jake and I had date night. We used our gift certificates to Theta Float Spa (thanks, Springfield FitLife). This is the pod that you lay in to float. It is filled with 1,000 pounds of magnesium! It was crazy. I was trying to think of a way to describe the water for you guys – it’s like baby oil water, but super, super thick. I would push my hand down to the bottom and it would pop right up. There’s no way you can’t float in there.
It’s hard to tell in this picture, but I was covered with salt when I got out and started to dry. You shower before and after you float, so it came right off, but it was crazy how much there was. This was a super interesting experience, but I’m not sure if I would go again. I have a really hard time sitting in the dark doing nothing for 90 minutes. I KNOW that’s the reason for it, but it’s just not something I enjoy. I know a lot of people who love floating, so if you’re interested in it, definitely try it out! We both felt very relaxed afterwards.
After the float, we went to Brew Co for dinner.
We shared spinach artichoke dip and I had a burger. I’m not a fry fan, so I got a side salad instead. They gave me both, ha! I know it’s weird that I don’t like fries, but I’ve just never really craved them. I will eat or two, but I’d rather have chips or something.
After dinner, Lu got some good cuddles in with her Dad.
I failed to get a good picture after, but it was cold, windy, and starting to snow when we started our run Saturday morning. Everything was covered when we finished. 
These ladies knocked out 45 minutes of easy miles with me.
We did an out and back route and the way out was fine. Coming back, though, we were running into 25 mile an hour winds and lots of ice. My lashes were so full of ice it was hard to open them. All of our faces burned from the ice and wind. But it felt good to get our run over with!
Breakfast tacos while sitting under all the blankets after that cold run.
Saturday afternoon, Jake and I wo
rked out together. I let him use my treadmill. If that isn’t true love, I don’t know what is. ; )
He was very excited because he did a mountain run guided by Tommy Rivs, one of his favorite ultrarunners. This treadmill is SO cool. You can choose all kinds of different runs led by different people. You actually get to follow them as you run behind them on whatever trail you chose, so it looks like you’re really running that area. The treadmill adjusts to the elevation gains and losses. It’s awesome. 
While Jake ran, I got my third lifting workout for the week in. Post-workout selfie.
After our workout, we had smoothies for lunch.
We had dinner plans Saturday night, and since I love Old Fashioneds, Jake got me a new simple syrup to try. He made me a drink and it was delicious!
We headed to Farmer’s Gastropub to celebrate Jyssica’s birthday. Their food is incredible. We shared all of the appetizers they have and then I had the fish and chips. Jake ate my fries.
The birthday girl!
Sunday morning started with a frozen trail date with Jake! It was chilly out, but the sun was shining and it was beautiful. The trail was frozen, so we weren’t worried about ruining it by running through a bunch of mud.
I had a workout to do, so Jake joined me for it. It had been forever since we’d been on trail together. It was a blast.
We ended up at Brew Co again for lunch. We ordered way too much food, so we gave the chips and salsa to some friends who were there.
Running dates are the best dates.
We had some friends over Sunday night to watch the Chiefs game. Jake grilled and everyone brought delicious sides. Chips!
Friends since high school! We caught up on life while the boys watched the game.
I need to meal prep today and get caught up on some emails/work. It’s a rest day from running, so I might try to do a little yoga or something.
Happy Monday, friends!

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