Speed work – woof + a recipe for you + he’s home!

My morning started off with some speed work on the treadmill. It was a little icy here, so I didn’t head to the track like I had originally planned. I like doing my speed work on the treadmill because I can hit paces a little easier, but I also don’t like doing speed work on the treadmill because my watch doesn’t sync up and show the correct workout. Not that I’m complaining! I’m very grateful to have an awesome treadmill, I just love data and want it to be accurate. 
I had to stop for a restroom break, but that workout was tough! I felt like I was going to throw up at two different points.
Here’s what I ended up with! My actual overall pace was closer to 9:30. My times seem to get really messed up whenever I’m playing with paces on the treadmill. Oh well! That should say walk not wall…
Breakfast. I was STARVING, but also sick to my stomach after that run.
Lunch was a leftover beefless patty and some cod, with some of my favorite brussels on the side.
After I ate lunch, I prepped for dinner. We are getting close to using up the last of the goodies that Mighty Spark sent me. This is the first kind of ground meat that I ever tried from them! It was just as good as I remembered. I used this in the spaghetti squash casserole we had last night.
This is one of my favorite meals. I’ve been making it for years. You cook the spaghetti squash, veggies, and meat, then mix it all together. Once it’s all cooked and mixed up, crack two eggs into the mixture. You can scramble them before you add them, but I don’t ever want to wash another dish, so I just crack them into the pan. I then mix everything up really well and bake it! I topped ours with cheese before baking. I love this recipe because you can literally add anything to this – beef, turkey, peppers, zucchini, etc.
Once I added the cheese, I covered it and stuck it back in the fridge. I cooked it later when I got back home.
Here’s the recipe and cooking instructions! You can seriously add anything to this casserole. It’s so yummy.
I was a little low on protein yesterday, so I added collagen to my Kefir yogurt for a snack.
I had a training to go to for some subbing stuff, so I took my yogurt on the go!
Do I look bored? Because I was. Since I had been in the classroom for the district I’m subbing for, I already knew how to use the software we were being trained on. At least we got out early!
Dinner was the spaghetti squash casserole I prepped earlier. It was delicious. I had the casserole and Nut Thins, and Jake had the casserole with salad and garlic bread.
I think only one of us was excited that Jake was home…Hint – it’s him. ; )
4AM wake-up call this morning, not that I needed it, I didn’t sleep. Again. Blah.

​I’ve been reading Roar by Stacy Sims and she says that women shouldn’t worko
ut fasted because of our cortisol levels. I’ll share more about this tomorrow, but I’ve been eating before my runs and I definitely feel more energized. 

Lu goes right back to sleep as soon as we make the bed in the mornings. 
Two of my three weekly easy runs got bumped up from 45 minutes to 60 minutes (wahoo!). I got to run with these two this morning. It was 18 degrees when we started. Brrr! We all said we needed thicker tights because our legs were cold.
Post-run breakfast. This egg casserole has me craving quiche. I think that’s what we will have next week for breakfast.
I totally jinxed myself. I had been sleeping like a baby. I started taking magnesium (thank you for the recommendation, Kim!), for about a week and I think it has been helping. Yesterday, I finally told Kim how well I had been sleeping AND, last night, I told Jake that I had been sleeping without any issues. Wellll, I never fell asleep. I jinxed myself! Grrrr. I was so tempted to not meet the girls this morning, but I wasn’t falling asleep anyway and knew I would regret not knocking out my run. Soooo, we will see how today goes. I teach from 9-12, then I need to lift and do a couple other things. Here’s to ALL the coffee!
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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