Weekend Wrap-up!

Do you ever have those weekends that seem like they’re going to be super easy and laidback and then by the time you know it, it’s Sunday evening and you can’t remember half the things you did over the weekend? Definitely had one of those weekends! I got to see some of my family from Iowa, though, so it was worth it!

Friday morning started with breakfast. I know people who don’t eat breakfast and I think they just be super humans. Aside from the fact that breakfast is good for you, I am starving in the AM. I could never skip breakfast.

Friday was a rest day from running. I didn’t lift Thursday like I usually do (I didn’t sleep Wednesday evening), so I headed to the Y after breakfast to get some time in on the elliptical and lift.
I did a super easy 20 minutes on the elliptical, then I got my second lifting workout for the week finished.
Bulgarian split squats BURN. I have been nervous about doing one-legged things with my ankle, but it’s getting stronger every day!!
After my workout, I picked up Lu and we headed to my parents’ house to help my Mom set up for a baby shower we threw for my sister. I took the rest of the spaghetti squash casserole for us to have for lunch.
We put up some decorations. I got all of those off Amazon!
How cute are these cupcake decorations? I thought they worked perfectly with the rest of the decor.
After we decorated and got food ready, I went home, said goodbye to Jake when he got home from work, then headed to dinner with my family. Jake went to a mountain biking event that was out of town all weekend. He had a blast! My family and I went to Maria’s for some Mexican food. I love their taco salad.
After dinner, I met some girlfriends for a drink, then I went home and crawled into bed. Lu was already passed out with her nose shoved in this blanket. One of my friends shared THIS link to a photojournalist’s pictures of people saying goodbye to their pets before they were euthanized. I should not have looked at it right before bed. I cried myself to sleep and it just made me miss Aspen. Pets are so wonderful.
Saturday morning called for some trail fun with the Springfield Trail Sisters! It was 18° while we were running and we went through all kinds of water crossings. It was SO cold! Some parts of the trail were covered in ice, so that was a little scary, but we had a blast running together. Another local group with Fleet Feet was there, so it was super fun to see all of those amazing ladies and get to run with them, too!
When we finished, my pants, shoe laces, and gaiters were frozen.
I drove the whole way home with the heat blasting. I made an egg and spinach scramble, then hopped into the tub to soak and warm up.
I got ready for the baby shower, ate lunch, then headed back to my parents’ house. Lunch was just leftover cod and Nut Thins.
Eveything turned out perfectly!
Here are those cupcake wraps on the cupcakes. I loved them.
I can’t believe my niece, Eleanor, will be here in less than 2 months. I finally got to feel her kick the other day. It was so cool. My sister is going to be the BEST Mom. I love watching her with kids. She’s a natural.
We snacked on delicious food, too!
We were having so much fun, that I totally spaced on taking pictures, which bums me out, but we had the best time celebrating Piper (my sister) and Eleanor. After the shower, I went home, changed into comfy clothes, and grabbed Lu. We headed back to my parents’ house to hang out with my family and have dinner. My Mom ordered Papa John’s pizza and I was stoked. It’s some of my favorite delivery! I mixed some super greens and took them with me since we didn’t have time to make a salad or anything. That’s what’s in my shaker bottle.
After dinner and hanging out, Lu and I headed home. It was almost 10, so we were both worn out. Yes, I go to bed pretty early, HA! We watched one episode of Atypical, which is an amazing show on Netflix, and then went to bed. We were excited to see Jake the next day!
I slept in on Sunday until about 7, then headed to the grocery store to grab stuff to get started on prep. I try to get to the grocery store super early on Sundays so I can be in and out quickly. I had a workout run to do, but it was supposed to be nice later in the day, so I wanted to wait until it warmed up. After the store, I had breakfast, then got started on laundry and meal prep! Remember how I was getting terrible acid reflux if I was eating a full meal before a run? Well, I THINK have figured it out! As long as I don’t have hot sauce and can wait about three hours before my run, I can eat! So far, it’s working perfectly. I don’t do that very often, but when I do, this seems to be the trick.
I prepped lunches for the week. Jake is having beef burgers with sweet potatoes and I’m having Banza noodles (my favorite), with chicken, and a mixture of asparagus and peppers.
For breakfast this week, I decided not to make quiche because I saw these sourdough English muffins and they sounded so good. Sooo, I made egg sandwiches for us. These have Pepper Jack cheese, ham, and egg on them. I roasted the English muffins with ghee, cooked the eggs, then put everything together and baked. YUM. I can give you the full recipe/directions if you’d like it!
I had some goodies from Nuun come in! I can’t wait to try some of these new flavors.
I also got this new buff! You can never have too many buffs.
I got dressed to run and did my band work. I walked out the door in shorts and a long-sleeved tech shirt, but immediately came back inside and just kept on a t-shirt. It was WARM and the sun was shining!
A t-shirt and shorts at the end of January? Yes, please! I ended with about 9 miles for the day.
Lunch was avocado toast with turkey, balsamic glaze, and Sriracha. Mmm.
I had prepped some things for dinner, but when Jake got home, he said he was really craving Galloway, (which I never turn down) so we headed there for dinner. I had their tuna and veggies and it hit the spot!
The weekend flew by, but it was such a blast. I loved getting to see some of my family that I don’t see that often. It was so fun celebrating my sister and my niece, too! Today is a rest day from running, so I might try to get to a yoga class later. We will see how the day goes!
Happy Monday, friends!

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