Funny teaching throwback + that was delicious + the sweetest picture.

Guys, these egg sandwiches are the BOMB. 
A few asked for the recipe – here ya go! I toasted each half of the English muffins with ghee for about 10 minutes at 350. While they were toasting, I cooked the eggs over easy in a skillet. After the English muffins toasted, I layered them with one slice of Pepper Jack, one egg, and 2 ounces of ham. SO. GOOD. 
This memory on TimeHop made me smile. When I was teaching 7th grade ELA, one of my students snuck into my room one morning and pulled off this prank. He was VERY proud of himself. It was hilarious opening my door and turning on the light only to see my classroom looking like this. My desk is in the far right corner, under the TV. I miss my kiddos! Most days. ; )
Lunch this week is so yummy. I mixed together my Banza noddles, the asparagus and peppers I roasted, and some chicken. I topped it all with balsamic glaze. 
I got my entire to-do list finished yesterday, so I felt very productive. I even started on a few things for my list later on in the week. I took a break for some yogurt with collagen and Nut Thins. 
I went to yoga yesterday, but I was hungry before, so I had another snack. These almonds are life-changing. 
I have quite a few hot yoga classes left on a class pass I bought a long ago, so I decided to start using them up on my rest days. I forgot how hard hot yoga was. I was drenched. I did get to practice next to one of my besties, so that was fun! 
We had stuffed zucchini for dinner last night. I had prepped the meat mixture Sunday afternoon, so all I had to do was carve out the zucchinis, mix in the carved out portions with the meat mixture, stuff the zucchinis, top with cheese, and bake! 
These turned out so delicious. All I stuffed the zucchinis with was ground beef, onion, and the carved out portions of the zucchinis. 
After dinner, we planned for a trip we are taking in February and I iced my ankle while sipping on some tea. 
Colorado, see ya next month!
This is what the day looked like when I started my run. Adding to that mental toughness bank!
I had a waffle and got all bundled up to meet my friend, Alex, for a 5 mile run.
It actually wasn’t too bad out! Super grateful for friends who will get up early and run in the cold with me!
My Mom just shared thi
s picture from my sister’s shower over the weekend. I LOVE it. My Dad got to feel Eleanor kick, too! Their facial expressions make me so happy. Eleanor is already one VERY loved little girl! <3 (We love you too, Pipes!)
Love using local trails? Come find out how to keep them in tip top shape! This Saturday, February 2nd at 11:00AM, there will be a volunteer orientation for trail maintenance at Two Rivers Mountain Bike Park. Rob, the trail manager at Two Rivers, will teach us the ins and outs of trail maintenance. Come learn how to keep our trails in the best shape possible – lunch is provided, too! Let me know if you have questions!
The rest of this week is kind of crazy – I’m subbing today (a full day), then I picked up some clerical survey data collection things (can you tell I don’t know how to explain this?) in the evenings. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings will be spent doing that. It sounded interesting, so we will see how it goes!
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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