All the food + feeling blah + dessert hack!

These egg sandwiches ( recipe HERE) are so delicious. Only downside, there aren’t any veggies in them and I like to get some veggies in first thing in the AM. I’ve been sipping on some super greens and collagen with my sandwich to get some veggies. It works!
I subbed all day yesterday, so that made my day go by pretty quickly. I subbed in a middle school PE class for one of my friends. Plus side – I got to wear sweats to school! I taught 5 classes, had a lunch break, then taught one more. It was a fun day! I didn’t sleep great (yet again) Monday night, so yesterday was kind of rough in that sense. I felt like I was eating all day long, just trying to stay awake. TMI – I also started my period, so I had terrible cramps and was a little grouchy.
Lunch was my mixture of Banza chickpea pasta, chicken, and veggies. It’s delicious.
I just wanted to sleep. I finished up teaching for the day and then had a plan period, so I got caught up on emails and other things like that.
I came home after school and really wanted to nap. I thought it would make me more miserable, though, so I cuddled with Lu and cleaned some things up. I’m a terrible napper. I almost always wake up super grumpy and more tired than before my nap. I had some data collection and analysis to do for a school district close by yesterday evening, so I tried to just power through until I left for that.
I worked from 5-7 making phones to 2018 high school graduates to see what they’re currently doing – college, tech school, working, etc. It was actually kind of fun getting to talk to parents/students. I am supposed to do this same thing tonight and Thursday evening from 4-7. Sorry for the blurred picture – confidentiality. 
I was very thankful for meal prep last night. I didn’t get home until a little after 7. Between being exhausted, hungry, and PMSing, I was SO tempted to just drive by Andy’s and get ice cream for dinner. I have a hard workout today, so I knew that wouldn’t help me perform how I wanted to, so I came straight home and had some of the stuffed zucchini from Monday night. Meal prepping helped me make a healthier, easier choice! I definitely felt better eating this than I would’ve if I had gotten Andy’s.
But that’s not to say that I completely denied my sweet tooth. Dessert hack – keep them in the freezer. This keeps me from plowing through sweets in one sitting, ha! That cookie is from Jake’s Grandma for my graduation. And for the record, it was just as delicious out of the freezer as it was fresh. Jake and I like our chocolate frozen, so we have always kept it in the freezer. So good. My sweet tooth is always nuts the first day of my period (and about 2 days leading up to it). Anyone else? These treats helped! 
I slept like a baby last night! Happy dance. I didn’t get up until Jake was leaving for work (about 7:30). I feel like a new woman. We also got some snow last night! I love snow. The schools in the area are closed due to snow, super low temperatures, and wind chill, so I don’t have anything this evening anymore. Second happy dance, ha! Even though I did enjoy making the phone calls and gathering data, I’m ready for a night at home with Jake.
Lu and I are enjoying this snowy day from bed right now. I have some emails to respond to, then we will get up and get our day started. I am extra thankful for mornings like this. I have some speed work to do later on, so I can’t decide if I’m going to wait for it to warm up a little (I love running in the snow, but I’m not sure if it’s slick – speed work in snow might not be smart), or if I should use the treadmill. We will see! I had awful cramps this morning, they woke me up, so I’m sipping coffee and using my heating pad.
Happy Wednesday, friends! Stay safe out there!

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