2° + sometimes you just need leather pants + Korean beef recipe!

Our run Thursday morning was pretty brutal! It was 13° when we started, but it felt like 2°. We were both pretty cold about mile 4! But, we did it and we felt so good after! Thankful for friends who will get up early and run with me. Even in single digits.
Brrrrrr. It somehow got even colder after we finished!
Yesterday was the last day of these egg sandwiches for breakfast. They were definitely a favorite!
This is the look I get any time I leave the house. It makes me want to stay home with her all the time.
I could not get warm after that run yesterday. I headed to campus to teach, and since I have to walk a little bit outside to get to my classroom, I wore all the layers. I even broke out my leather pants because they are SO warm. I told Jake I wore leather pants to teach and he asked me if that was appropriate, HA! I had a huge sweater on over them that goes down almost to my knees, so I sure hope so! None of my students gave me weird looks, so I’m assuming it was okay…
I finished teaching and on my drive home, my nose started bleeding. I’m sure it’s partly due to my run in the cold earlier. I need to start using our humidifier at home more often…
I am still trying to catch up on sleep, so I was pretty worn out when I got home. I made some protein coffee, hoping it would give me some momentum. It didn’t, so I laid down for about an hour. I felt better when I woke up!
Lunch time!
After my little nap, I took care of all emails, and then started reading this book. The title grabbed my attention first, but it’s actually full of great information!
Look at the very first page I read. HA! Just what I needed to hear…we all know I struggle with easy miles. I’m embracing the easy! That is my motto this training cycle.
I got some new boots last night! I’m so excited. We head to Colorado in two weeks and I didn’t have any good winter boots. We found these at the Bass Pro outlet for super cheap! I was pumped. They’re crazy comfortable and warm.
Dinner last night was delicious. We had Korean Beef and rice. I used cauliflower rice instead of regular rice. This meal will definitely be one that we have again!
Here’s the recipe I kind of followed…I didn’t use any scallions and I used coconut aminos.
I wore the sweatshirt that my sister-in-law got me for Christmas. It’s SO comfy and always makes me laugh. Thanks, Chels!
Life hack: marry your best friend. I am so thankful for Jake and life with him is wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, we have our fights. We are both stubborn, so that can be hard sometimes. I actually think I’m the mos
t stubborn of the two of us, soooo, poor Jake, ha! But man, I feel very lucky to have found my person. It definitely took some trial and error, but it was all worth it. Just know, if you’re going through something hard, stay strong. It WILL get better. <3
Bed head for days over here. Good thing we have an appointment for a haircut next week.
This is how my Friday started – I threw away some food that wouldn’t get eaten. Apparently Lu doesn’t like things to go to waste…I stepped away from the trash can for literally 4 minutes. She ate an entire stuffed zucchini. She never gets into stuff, so I was shocked. She knew she was in trouble.

The ladies of Trail Sisters Springfield are Running Saturday morning at 9AM. We will meet at Two Rivers and run trail! We are staying for a volunteer orientation after our run, which will also be at Two Rivers at 11AM. Lunch is provided and Rob with TrailSpring will lead it. More information about the event is HERE. Come join!
I’m going to head to the gym here in a little bit to use the elliptical and lift, then I need to get started on a chapter I’m writing for a book that a literacy journal is putting out this year. My proposal was accepted, so now the real work begins. GULP. I’ll share more about that process next week! Jake and I have date night tonight, then it’ll be early to bed because he has a big training weekend. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Happy Friday, friends!

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