My next race + that was tough + grocery haul!

Well guys, I did it! I signed up for my first 50k trail race. It’s not until November, so I’ve got lots of time to prepare. I am super excited, but also very, very nervous. Dogwood is a tough course, so I know it’ll kick my butt. This race series, which is put on by the Bass Pro Fitness Series, is one that I have enjoyed for years. There are a bunch of different races put on by Bass Pro Fitness Series, but within the Dogwood races, there are three distances – a 15k, a 25k, and a 50k. I have done the 15k and the 25k, so it’s time to knock out the 50k! Thinking about this upcoming race got me reminiscing about the past Dogwood races I did. I found pictures from each of them!
2012 – I did Dogwood for the first time. I did the 15k and very quickly realized that I loved trail running. It was my first official trail race (I think). Cassie, one of my best friends from high school, is in this picture with me.
2013 – I did the 25k, I think. It was the longest I had ever run. I’m standing in-between Cassie (from above) and my high school cross country coach.
2014 – I did the 25k again. It was a blast, but I was dead tired after!
I skipped Dogwood for a few years, but in 2017, Jake and I were back and this time, we did the back-to-back challenge! Here’s day 1 of the challenge. We both ran the 15k. Jake ended up with first in his age group and I got second.
Day 2 in 2017 was the 25k for me and the 50k for Jake. This was the first time I had ever done back-to-back races. Woof. It was fun, but also SO hard! Dogwood holds a special place in my heart, so I am excited to run the last distance they offer – the 50k!
Now for some Wednesday happenings – Lu had a hair cut appointment early Wednesday morning, so I took her and waited while she got pampered.
She can finally see again! She got loose hair ALL over my car, so it’s time to get it detailed.
We came home, I had a meeting, then headed out for my speed work. Sometimes ya just gotta tuck your shirt into your pants. I had a few hours before the rain started, so I was excited to get my run done outside!
Turns out speed work works better for me on the treadmill. My workout didn’t load properly into my watch, so things were a little hectic. Oh well! I got it finished and I was SO glad when it was over. It kicked my butt. Bad. These two pictures were taken during my warm-up, when I was still able to smile. 
At least I got these pretty views during my cool-down. I was too focused on not puking during my workout portion to even pay attention to what I was running by.
Lunch was leftover pumpkin chicken and some veggie tots.
A friend shared this on Facebook yesterday. It made me laugh SO hard. I always sound out Wednesday when I’m spelling it…
My students are doing some work today with multicultural literature, so I went to the library yesterday to pick up some books for them to look over. My arms hurt from carrying all of these around. 
I stopped by the grocery store on my way home and all kinds of goodies were on sale. I cannot wait to try these! A weird thing about me – I used to hate mint. Just the smell of it made me nauseous. I’m starting to like it now! One smell I still hate – bubble gum. Yuck. It makes me feel so sick to my stomach. I don’t think that’ll ever change.
These chips were on sale, too. We haven’t had them before, but they sounded good.
These aren’t the waffles I normally get, but they were on sale, so we are going to try them!
Turmeric tea and dried fruit for a snack before dinner.
While I was looking through old pictures, I came across this of baby Lu. She was such a precious puppy! She was sassy and I loved it. She’s still pretty sassy.
We had tornado warnings last night, so we spent about 30 minutes in our guest bathroom around midnight. It stormed most of the morning, so I slept in. I’ll get my run in after I teach! 
Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    I was excited when I read your grocery haul portion and thought you were going to give us a peek at your approach to grocery shopping including how much you spend on a weekly grocery trip, but alas … my nose needed to get back on my face although I think it would be so cool to see how you approach the budgeting for, planning, and execution of your grocery shop. I for one have a pretty specific plan but it would probably bore people to death if I wrote about it! 🙂
    I will be picking up some sweet potato tots at the store this weekend after reading about your tots so you’re to blame if I turn into a tator tot! Haha!

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