First time cooking Kohlrabi + doing things you don’t want to do + some cool new gadgets!

I cooked Kohlrabi for the first time Wednesday night for dinner. It was super good! If you’ve had spaghetti squash, I’d say it’s similar with a crunchier texture. All I did was sauté it in olive oil and garlic, then top it with ground beef and spaghetti sauce. Super yummy! I got this package at Lucky’s – it was also a steam-able bag if you wanted to steam it.
We had salad and garlic bread with our Kohlrabi and beef. It was delish.
We had some crazy storms Wednesday night. We spent about 30 minutes in our guest bathroom while tornado sirens went off. Jake brought in our camping mats, which he loves, so he passed out while we were in there. I woke him up when it was safe to go back to bed, but he just slept in the bathroom all night, HA! Lu and I preferred the bed. This was the radar for when I was supposed to run in the morning on Thursday. I definitely decided to sleep in and do my run on my treadmill later.
Thursday morning breakfast! Those new waffles are good, but not as good as the ones we normally get.
I taught Thursday morning. My students loved the multicultural children’s literature activity we did. Teaching college students is a blast. I share about my class HERE
My mother spoils this dog. Lu is crazy obnoxious with toys, but especially if she has a ball. This little girl could play fetch for HOURS. I am not exaggerating. If she has a ball, that’s literally all she does. I am mean and have hidden any ball that she has. Well, my Mom stopped by while I was teaching and thought she should leave Lu with this tennis ball. I walked into the house to this. We literally played fetch ALL day. Lu slept with the ball last night. On our bed. And is now growling at me to play with her. It is 7:45AM. This is my life now.
Thanks, Mom! HA!
The last thing I wanted to do when I got home from teaching yesterday was run. I was worn out, cold, and just didn’t feel like doing it. I had 60 easy minutes, so I told myself to stop being a baby, knock out the first 20 and go from there. Isn’t it funny how sometimes lying to yourself works? I KNEW I wasn’t going to cut my run short, but telling myself that lie was the only way I got myself on the treadmill. I told myself to get through the first 20 minutes, then, once I got there, I told myself to do 10 more. Once I was at 30 minutes, I was halfway finished. I just kept breaking it up into increments for the whole run. It’s hard for me to run on the treadmill when I can’t play around with speed. I literally kept my pace at 10:00 the WHOLE time. I watched Netflix while I ran, so that kind of helped take my mind off the pace. It felt good to move and I was glad I did it. You know what you don’t regret? Doing a run/workout. See my slippers behind me? I was so excited to slide back into them I finished my run.
I needed to lift still, but I didn’t want to do that either. I was being such a baby yesterday, wasn’t I? I came in and had lunch after my run. The last of the pumpkin chicken, veggie tots, and some leftover corn casserole from the weekend. After lunch, I gave myself 10 minutes to get caught up on social media and emails, then it was back into the garage to lift. I was proud of myself for not only running when I didn’t want to, but for also lifting. Strength training was never a priority to me, so it was usually the first thing I would let go. I have consistently been strength training for five weeks now (thank you, Mary!!!) and I enjoy it. I knew I’d be bummed if I put it off for another day. So, I sucked it up and got it done.
After my workouts, I came inside and got a text that a package had been delivered. I’m so excited to try THIS olive oil dispenser! It’s supposed to be no-drip.
You push those gray buttons and the olive oil gets vacuumed up to the top.
It has teaspoon and tablespoon markings, too! I’ll let you know my thoughts on this once we use it!
Look what finally came! I can’t wait to use THESE. Goodbye messy muffin tins!
When you need ALL the blankets because you’re sad no one will play ball with you.
I love the events that Brew Co puts on. Last night, we went to one called Ask a Doc/Pro Anything. There was a panel of chiropractors, medical doctors, nutritionists, and pro athletes. It was so fun asking them questions and just being able to listen to them talk about experiences and share their knowledge. Thank you, Brew Co and panelists!
Salad and beer. Because balance. ; )
I had the ancient grain bowl for the first time and it was delicious. Thank you, Brew Co, for always having healthy, yummy options and Sriracha!
Brew Co’s porter is outstanding. I also love our mugs. It takes me forever to finish a beer out of one, but I still love them!
It was just me and the fellas last night. I think I fit in because I had a beanie on, too.
I love when people try one of my recipes and make it their own! I am 100% adding pesto to this next time. Alex, you’re a genius!!! Recipe HERE and another version HERE
I’ve got a day full of writing and grading, so wish me luck! Today is a rest day from running. I normally do some easy time on the elliptical or go to yoga, but I am taking the whole day completely off. I have been super tired all week and I think my body needs some rest. So, for once, I’m going to listen to it! I’ve been trying to do a better job of that. Here I come total rest day! I’m kind of excited. : )

Trail Sisters Springfield is running tomorrow – hit me up if you want the details! We’d love to have you!

Happy Friday, friends!

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