Weekend Wrap-up!

When I asked what else you’d like to see on the blog, a few people said I should share more recipes and more specifics about my training. I don’t have too many recipe to share today, but I included last week’s training at the end for you! I’ll do a round-up of all my favorite recipes and share them in a post soon!

​Friday morning started with a coffee date with this babe. We literally live less than a mile from each other and hadn’t seen one another for like 3 weeks! It was so nice to catch up and sip delicious coffee. We both got coconut chai lattes and I’m craving it as I type this. It was SO delicious. I also got the biggest one they had…my caffeine addiction is serious.

After coffee with Kayla, I ran some errands, then it was home for lunch.
A little chapter writing happened. For anyone just checking in, I submitted a proposal to a literacy magazine for a book they have coming out. I’ve been working on the chapter the past two weeks and it’s been kind of fun! I‘m enjoying the process.
Another update – ball is still life over here. We played fetch ALL weekend.
A few hours later…still going strong. I don’t know how she has this much energy.
I took a total rest day on Friday. My body needed it! Lots of stretching, foam rolling, and lacrosse balling happened. All while playing fetch with Lu, of course.
After I foam rolled, I took an Epsom salt bath and sipped on some Nuun electrolytes. I should have a discount code to share with you pretty soon! I love the Nuun products. They’re clean and taste delicious. You can look them up HERE if you want to learn more.
Blurry picture, but we had an event to go to Friday night, so I made us smoothies for the road. We got to see the new Küat headquarters. Küat is a rack company here in town. Their new space is awesome!
Jordan was there! Jordan just signed up for the same 50k that I’m doing (Dogwood 50k). Our friend, Jyssica, did, too! It’s going to be a blast!
When I woke up Saturday, this was the weather. Brrr!
I made a waffle and almond butter sandwich, then hit the road. I met some other Springfield Trail Sisters at Sac River for a trail run.
We braved the cold and frozen trails. We actually had a blast and all agreed it didn’t feel that cold once we got started.
I love this sign at Sac. It points to a bunch of other local-ish trails. There are also old bikes hanging from the trees.
We got in 60 minutes of easy miles.
This jacket kept me SO warm and cozy. I tripped once on a rock and ate it. The girls told me it was graceful fall, so I’m going to go with that! ; )

Best recovery to have after a run. Yum. I’ve been trying to do better about getting nutrients within 30 minutes of finishing a run. I want my muscles to have what they need to recover properly. Soar, the book I’ve been loving by Stacy Sims, has been helping me learn more about this. I want to reread her book and take in-depth notes.
TMI warning!! The porta-potty that is usually at Sac was tipped over and I HAD to go. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. I know my running friends understand that! I knew Jake would be proud that I pooped outside. He was. Sorry if this offends you, just sharing ALL aspects of my training!
After my trail time with the girls, it was back home to snuggle this baby girl.
Aaaand eat some breakfast. I’ve been adding turmeric to our eggs lately. It helps with inflammation and recovery. It’s very yellow, hence the color of the eggs. Yum! I topped all of this with nutritional yeast.
Jake saved the day and brought home lunch from Mama Jean’s.
Then it was time for family cuddles on the couch.
I shared before that I am obsessed with LipSense. I don’t do a whole lot with make-up, so LipSense is a lifesaver for me. I just got this new color, it’s called Plum. I LOVE it.
Jake had a guys night Saturday night, so I ate up a bunch of leftovers. This bowl is just random stuff thrown together, but it was super delicious. Spinach, ground beef, goat cheese, Sriracha, and balsamic glaze. It was surprisingly super good.
Some friends and I went to 4 By 4 for an event supporting HavaHeartRescue. There were lots of dogs and some live music. We had a lot of fun! Coty got stuck with all the girls. He loved it. ; )
This popped up the other day. My students always said the funniest/weirdest things. That’s definitely one thing I miss from working with middle schoolers!
It was crazy icy here Sunday morning. Jake was supposed to ride 95 miles, but due to the roads, his ride was cancelled. I wanted to get up and head to the store, but decided to wait and see if the ice would melt. I lounged around and had breakfast. I had 12 miles to do later and I was thinking they might have to be on the treadmill.
I need to give myself 3 hours after I eat a whole meal before I run, otherwise I get acid reflux, so I took that time to just relax with Lu. It was wonderful.
Jake told me the roads were pretty clear, so I decided to do my run outside. He went to the grocery store for me, so I didn’t have to worry about that. Here are my long run essentials. I am playing around the idea of transitioning from GUs to chews and real food. GUs always upset my stomach, but they’re so convenient. I’m going to see if I can find something that works! Hüma Gels seem to be easier on my stomach that GUs. I know some people who have zero issues with GUs, so I’m not dogging them at all! I just want to find what works BEST for ME. Everyone is different, so find what works for you and use it. I drank Skratch Matcha Green Tea, which is one of my favorite flavors.
It was raining a little, so I wore my new vest. I also had all the buffs.
Look who came to find me! Jake found me RIGHT as I started my cool-down, so it was perfect timing. He rode with me for the 2 miles of cool-down that I had.
Here are some better pictures of that vest I shared about last week. I LOVE it. I think it’s one of my favorite running pieces. I have THIS one. It’s waterproof and I like the length. It keeps me so warm and dry.
I’ll share my specific workout at the bottom with all my training for the week, but I got to do some work with my marathon pace, so that felt really good! I ended with about 12.5 miles for the day. I have talked about how gloves are the first things that I take off on a run. My handheld was cold, so I kept one glove on for most of my run, ha!
I had a recovery shake, took an Epsom salt bath, then snacked on rice cakes with hummus and cheese/pepperoni, and some dried apricots.
We leave for Colorado Thursday evening, so I did a simple version of meal prep. Jake is having fiesta bowls for lunch. I cooked chicken breasts in the oven, mixed together a can of spicy black beans, a bag of frozen corn, and a can of hatch green chiles on the stove, and made some rice. Once everything was cooked, I mixed it all together. Super easy!
We were both craving Thai food, so we picked up a curry and some Pad Thai from Everyday Thai. It was incredible and we loved it. We watched Baywatch while we ate, too. We hadn’t seen that movie yet. It was pretty funny!
Lu got some good naps in during the movie.
Training from last week:
Monday – Rest Day – hot yoga
Tuesday – 45 minutes of easy miles @ 9:21 (5.2 total miles)
Wednesday – 2WU, 4 x 400m @ 7:23, 1 x 1 mile @ 8:02, 4 x 400m @ 7:23, 1CD (6.8 total miles)
Thursday – 60 minutes of easy miles @ 10:00 (6 total miles)
Friday – Rest Day!!
Saturday – 60 minutes of easy trail miles @ 12:00 (5 total miles)
Sunday – 2WU, 8 x 1 mile @ 8:35 with 1 min walking recovery, 2CD (12.5 total miles)

Those slower miles are keeping me healthy! I am learning to love them. I was just running 4 days a week last training cycle and didn’t think I’d ever be able to go back to 5/6 days. But with easy miles, I am able to run 5 days right now! I’m excited to see how my race goes following this new plan.

Happy Monday, friends!


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