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Good morning!
Breakfast Monday was turmeric eggs, spinach, sausage, and a waffle. I know I’ve said this before, but I could eat breakfast food for every meal. Every. Single. Meal.
I don’t know how this is comfortable, but she sits with her legs like this a lot.
My favorite way to roast veggies – dump frozen veggies on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil, coconut aminos, and seasoning (I use Everything But The Bagel), then cook at 400° for 25ish minutes. I usually try to stir everything once. That’s it! YUM.
Snack hack – put yogurt on a plan rice cake. My yogurt yesterday was chocolate. I mixed collagen with it, then topped two rice cakes with the yogurt and collagen mixture. Lu ate one of the plain rice cakes before I topped it with yogurt. She was in trouble.
This might be one of my favorite meals. I used this new coconut aminos from Big Tree Farms. (Thank you!!) It is DELICIOUS. The flavor is wonderful and it definitely tastes like BBQ. I browned some beef with their coco aminos, garlic, and a tiny bit of ketchup. It’s a healthy version of Sloppy Joe’s.
I topped a sweet potato with the meat mixture, some sautéed spinach, and half a slice of Pepper Jack cheese. I cannot say enough about how delicious this was. For real. YUUUUMMMM.
Last night, the nutritionist (Lisa) for Wahoo! Running, which is a company my running coach co-founded, did a fun pre-race and race day fuel talk. They said I could share the talk with you, so here ya go! They talk about gels, caffeine, food, etc. I’ve been making the switch from GUs to other things, so I really enjoyed hearing their take on fuel. Link HERE.
Look what I got in the mail! This shirt is sweet. It’s Reebok and feels SO soft. I also got a black tank top – I’m SO ready for some warm runs.
Always stealing my phone and taking selfies. Good thing he’s cute! ; )
Cold and wet 45 minutes of running with these two! Thankful for friends who get you through runs like that. It snowed/rained on us the entire time we were out and it was pretty windy, too. I was glad I had these two to talk to while we ran!
I wanted to share some of my favorite things with you – these are just random favorites that I thought of. I LOVE these Skratch bars. They make two other flavors, both of which are yummy, but my sweet tooth craves these. They’re clean, too, which I like. Link HERE.
I told you I’d update you once I used this Oil Genie. Holy cow. It’s SO cool. If you cook with oil, you need one of these. You push in those gray buttons and the oil is vacuumed into the top, where you can measure it. Then you pour the oil out of the no-drip spout. It’s seriously awesome. Highly recommend! Link HERE.
This is my favorite foundation. I don’t like heavy make-up on my face, so I’ve been using bareMinerals for YEARS. I just like how it feels! Link HERE.
This protein powder is still hands-down my favorite. The flavor is incredible and I like that you can get some greens with this, too. I use it in smoothies or drink it by itself. Link HERE.
I think I have used this chapstick for 10 years. I buy it in bulk and carry it with me everywhere. I love that it has a tiny bit of tint to it, too. Link HERE.
I don’t have this yet, but I just ordered a new KAVU bag. I love it! I sold my old one, so it was time for new. Link HERE.
I only use this if I’m straightening my hair, but it’s awesome. It really does hydrate my hair, which is good, because I have super coarse, curly hair. I am also obsessed with the smell. I would wear this as perfume if I could. I put this in my hair after I shampoo and leave it on for about 5 minutes before rinsing. Link HERE.
We leave Thursday for Colorado, so I need to start packing and try to get ahead of grading. Wish me luck!
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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