Getting ready + a yummy recipe for you + I’m finally watching it!

Do you have an article of clothing or a pair of shoes that your significant other hates? Mine would be my Uggs. I don’t know how Jake could hate Uggs, but he does. A lot. I can’t stop wearing them, though. They’re just too cozy and easy to slip on. Sorry, Jake!
I don’t know that there’s much better than a warm breakfast after a cold run. As hard as it is sometimes to get up when my alarm goes off at 4AM, I NEVER regret getting up and knocking out my run or getting up to do some computer work. Ever. Maybe I like early runs so much because that means I can have Sriracha with breakfast since I’m eating after my run? Mornings are my favorite, so when I sleep in until 7, I feel like I’ve wasted away my favorite part of the day. I need to remember that the next time I want to sleep in…
I got the oil changed in our car for our road trip. While I waited, I filled in my Believe Training Journal. I am loving using this journal this year. I have some big goals/new races I want to hit. This journal is going to help me document the journey.
I drove right by the UPS Store on my way home and I had something I needed to drop off. Ever have brain farts like that? I was on autopilot going home. My forgetfulness worked out for Lu. She got to go for a ride in the car with me back to the UPS Store. She LOVES being in the car.
I added some chia seeds to the PB I put on my rice cakes. Yum.
I finally put my new boots on and wore them around the house while I worked. I think I wore them for 3 hours or so. They’re really comfy! We got these crazy on sale at the Bass Pro Outlet. Colorado, here we come!
I got a bunch of things on my to-do list knocked out, then took a break for lunch. 
I was in a baking mood, so I put on a podcast and made pumpkin & oat protein bars. I kind of made this recipe up, so it was a crapshoot on how they would turn out.
Theyre super good!! Not quite as hard as I was wanting, but I love them.
Here’s what I did if you wanna try them!
I finally started watching This Is Us! Holy cow. I’ve already cried like 3 times. This was someone’s response to me asking if I’ll like it. Ha!
This dang tennis ball. It’s all the time..literally all day.
This dinner is definitely one of my favorites. I describe it HERE. Healthy Sloppy Joe’s on top of a sweet potato.
The best treat. Especially if kept in the freezer.
I just started reading this book. I’m only two chapters in, but I love it so far! I definitely hit the wall hardcore in my last marathon. I was dehydrated and cramping like crazy. I’m excited to learn from my mistakes and see how the next one goes.
Lulu is staying with my parents while we are gone. My Mom is picking her up today – she’s not even gone yet and I’m already missing her. Lu loves staying with my parents. My Dad is Lu’s favorite person, so she will be SO excited to see him. He really spoils her. She always comes back to us a little chunky…
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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