Ever run out of TP? + the best weather + love day throwbacks!

I usually try to prep our breakfast ahead of time, but this week, we have been cooking them each morning. It has been kind of nice! I almost forgot the other morning, though. I get so used to my routine of heating things up, which hardly takes any time at all. Luckily, eggs don’t take very long to cook.
We ran out of toilet paper Wednesday morning. That never happens around here. I went to Sam’s and stocked up. Our guest bathroom is filled to the brim, so is our bathroom.
Everything was frosted over when I woke up, but by 10AM, it was 45° and sunny! I started in a long-sleeved shirt, but had to shed it after about two miles. It was BEAUTIFUL out. I couldn’t believe I was running in a tank and shorts in the middle of February.
I had some speedwork to do yesterday. It felt SO good. I ended with 8 miles for the day and I can tell I’m recovering faster after speedwork than I was a few weeks ago. Small progress is still progress!
Lu and I cuddled on the driveway after my run. She is staying with my parents while we are gone, so my Mom came to pick her up yesterday. I always get sad when she leaves. I know she loves going to my parents’, so that helps! I just want her to be with me always!
I was so happy to see the sun.
Anyone else chill on their driveway after a run? This is my favorite thing to do in the summer after a run. I’m sure our neighbors think I’m crazy.
A few people asked about the bars I made, so I thought I’d type up a little something and share them again. These turned out super yummy! They’re Pumpkin & Oat Protein bars.
My Mom came over and hung out for a little bit, then she took Lu to their house. Lu loves being on top of couches/chairs like a cat. She’s not supposed to sit there, but Jake is probably the only person who gets onto her…the rest of us need to.
We usually go to Galloway before heading out of town. We can’t go very long without their food, so if we are going to be gone, we have to get our fix before we leave. It worked out perfectly because I didn’t have anything for lunch today, so I saved half my BLT. I’ve been looking forward to having it since I woke up! Mmm.
After dinner, we finished packing up all our stuff and loaded the car! I haven’t been to Colorado in the winter since I was 15, sooo that was 15 years ago! Crazy. I can’t wait for some snowy runs. We are also going to go snow shoeing, which I’ve never done. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!
Jake joined us gals on our run this morning. 60 easy minutes. Alex (right) and I both lifted yesterday, so our legs were feeling it this morning!
Our last Valentine’s Days – lots of running and relaxation with our girls. We are missing both of our girls today – Aspen in Heaven and Lu with my parents.
I’m off to teach then we are outta here! Next time you hear from me, I’ll be in Colorado!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I sure am thankful for all of you! All my love! <3

Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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