I miss Lu + outta here + eating on the road.

I can’t edit the size of pictures like I normally do on my computer, so I’m sorry they’re so big today! I’m blogging from my phone since we are out of town. : )

​This was the best text to wake up to on Thursday morning. I sure do miss my girl! Thanks, Momma!

Breakfast after our run Thursday – eggs and a sausage patty. I had my waffle before we ran.
I taught Thursday morning for a few hours, then got to help one of my besties deliver some bouquets. My friend, Cassie, is the ultimate girlboss. She owns Ozark Mtn Flower Truck! I am so proud of her and her business is awesome. If you live in the area, check it out! She has a truck that goes to all kinds of different places and people can create their own bouquets. She also has a delivery service, which is super handy. Also, look how beautiful these flowers are!
After I helped Cass, I ate my leftover BLT from Galloway for lunch. I added some leftover sweet potatoes, too.
I knocked out a bunch of grading and got caught up on other stuff, finished packing, made our dinners, and we hit the road! We drove 6 hours last night to Kansas, so I knew we wouldn’t want to stop to eat. We had sandwiches and chips in the car. These tortilla chips are delicious. I got them at Lucky’s on sale!
Two of my favorite things: chocolate covered strawberries and blueberry donuts. Jake said he didn’t see a blueberry donut at the store, but he got me a muffin and chocolate covered strawberries. Both were amazing. We shared the muffin after dinner. The strawberries were gone before we left the house…
We got to our hotel a little after midnight. We had planned to leave super early, so we brought our own breakfast, but ended up sleeping in a little. We still ate breakfast in our room! It was yummy.
We chugged some coffee and hit the road! Ready to be in Colorado!
Happy Friday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    Safe travels! I personally cannot stand road trips but that’s because I have to drive so far just to get to my mom’s house in MN. I literally have to mentally prepare for those long drives. I think I would rather fly if it wasn’t so expensive. Have you shared what part of Colorado your visiting, yet? Do you guys usually pack food for the trip or do you stop for food sometimes? I know when my parents drive to their place in Steamboat, Colorado they hit up the restaurants because they don’t want to pack anymore into the car. Haha!

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