Weekend Wrap-up Part 1!

Writing this post from my phone again, so the pictures are going to be huge. Sorry! I wish I could shrink them like I can on my computer.

​We had such a wonderful time in Colorado this past weekend. It was definitely a quick trip. We left Thursday after work and are headed home now, but we had a BLAST. I’ll talk about Friday today and cover the rest of the weekend tomorrow!

We drove about halfway Thursday, so we stayed in Hays, KS that night. We woke up to some snow there, which made us even more excited for some Colorado snow and mountains. The first thing I do in a car trip is take my shoes off…anyone else?

I finally registered for the Go Girl half! Come run with me! If you want to save some mulah, you can use CHELSEA15 to get 15% off. This will be my 5th time running a Go Girl race!
We grabbed Subway Friday afternoon on our drive. We shared a foot long on the jalapeño cheddar bread. YUM.
My Dad got me these motion sickness wristbands when we were driving to Columbia for my graduation. They seriously work. I get crazy car sick and can’t do anything in a car that requires reading/studying something. I am currently wearing these bands AND typing this blog! That’s amazing to me. Super worth it! We got them at Walgreens.
We made it to Colorado about 1PM on Friday! We stayed with some friends in Georgetown. They finished building their house about a year ago. Their home is gorgeous! I failed to get pictures of it, but Dwayne, the husband of the couple we stayed with, built the entire thing. It’s amazing.
We unpacked and headed out for a snow shoe hike! It was my first time snow shoeing. I LOVED it. Walking up anything with an incline in Colorado is such a workout. I get winded walking up the stairs. The start to our hike was a pretty steady incline. It’s hard to tell in this picture.
How incredible are these views?
I for sure want to snow shoe again. I did some running in the snow shoes on Sunday and loved that, too. But man, it’s definitely tough! I’ll share more about that tomorrow. Thank you, Scottie, for letting me borrow your snow shoes!
Our fearless leader! Dwayne is an animal. He was one of Jake’s pacers when Jake finished his 100 mile run in Colorado in 2017. The same race that Jake finished and then proposed! Video HERE. It’s one of my favorites.

I had to rep one of our favorite breweries.
We hit up happy hour Friday night after our hike. Wings, pizza, and PBR. Yes, please! We ate at Alpine in Georgetown.
Jake and I also shared a Greek salad. Everything was delicious.
The pizza was outstanding.
I can’t wait to share the rest of our weekend with you! HUGE thank you to our friends, Dwayne and Bettina (and their kiddies) for letting us crash with them. We had the best time!! Now it’s home to Lulu! I sure miss her. Dwayne and Bettina have the sweetest Border Collie. Her name is Pippa. We got to love on her all weekend! I think I have Jake convinced that we need one. ; )
Happy Monday, friends!

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