Our new pup – Rhea + Penny’s Birthday!!

Well, we have already changed her name, HA! We were calling her Epic, which she is, but the name Rhea (pronounces Ray-a) just seemed to fit her better. So, that’s her name! Rhea is an Australian Shepherd and she is SO sweet and a little ornery.
Here’s how we came about getting this little furball:

Our friends that we stayed with in Georgetown had the sweetest Border Collie and we kind of fell in love with her. While we were out on the trails, we kept meeting other Border Collies and Aussies. We had been talking about wanting to get another trail dog, but we just hadn’t decided what we wanted. After meeting all of those amazing dogs and seeing them on the trail, we decided it would be a Border Collie or an Aussie.

​Here she is with Kayla right after we got home.

Knowing that we wanted one of those breeds, I started searching. Guys, the drive home from Colorado is a long one (11.5ish hours), so I had a lot of time to research. I found a litter of Aussies that were ready AND they were kind of on our way home. How perfect was that?! I KNEW Jake would never go for it. He likes to think things through before taking action, whereas I’m more likely to just go for it. Well, he totally surprised me and was on board for going to LOOK at the puppies. (I knew if we looked, we would leave with one. How can you walk away from a puppy?! You can’t.) So, we contacted the lady, chatted with her, and made plans to meet her puppies!

Lu wasn’t quite sure what to think. Lu had been in the kennel all weekend, so my sister picked her up and dropped her at our house so she would be home when we got there. Rhea stole Lu’s ball first thing, so that will take some getting used to.

After 12 hours in the car, we made it to the puppies. They had TEN in the litter. Holy cow. They were all SO sweet and adorable, so it was hard to choose just one. Rhea immediately came up to us and wanted to play, so that’s how we chose her. She rode in the car perfectly and after about 14 hours total in the car (for Jake and me), we made it home! It was a long day of traveling, but so, SO worth it! I still can’t believe that Jake agreed with my crazy plan.
We had just gotten home, so I started making Jake’s lunch for the next work day while he unloaded the car. Rhea laid down right behind me and fell asleep.
We got some good cuddles with both the girls before calling it a night! Lu was extra needy and slept as close as possible to me all night. I woke up in the middle of the bed because I kept scooting away from her to give myself some room. We are making sure to give her lots of attention and love. She will be a good big sister once she gets over her jealousy. Bringing a new pup into our home sure made us miss Aspen. She was the ultimate big sister. <3
We are not going to let Rhea on the furniture, so there’s a lot of floor sitting for us in the future, HA! I love cuddles, so I will gladly sit on the floor to get them.
She’s pretty funny. I love when she flops. 
Finally breakfast time! Eggs and a waffle.
Any time I sat on the couch, Rhea would lay on my feet.
This girl got lots of couch cuddles. She’s slowly getting better with Rhea! She will give Rhea a toy to play with, but then Rhea will just take the toy over to her bed. Lu always looks at us super confused when that happens.
She’s pretty precious! We love her markings.
The last thing I wanted to do yesterday was run, but I hopped on the treadmill and knocked out my 45 minutes of easy miles while watching This Is Us. I got choked up a few times during the episode, so that made running a little difficult.
Lunch was a beef patty on a piece of bread, topped with spinach, cheese, mustard, and Sriracha.
I somehow managed to get ALMOST everything on the to-do list completed. Thank goodness Rhea sleeps a lot!
For dinner, we headed to The Roost, for a surprise birthday party for Jake’s Momma! Jake and I shared a salad and nachos.
It was so fun to see everyone and to celebrate Penny!
We always love seeing our families – Jake’s stepmom (left), his Momma (middle), and my birth mom (right)! My parents were out of town, so they had to miss the party. They were pretty sad!
The birthday girl (and best mother-in-law ever)!!
My sister-in-law (also named Chelsea) and I thought our sweaters kind of matched.
Riley, one of the cousins, is SO tall!
One of my father-in-laws! He pulled off an awesome surprise!
After the party, it was home to love on our girls.
There’s a little bit of jealousy this morning…
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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