A code for you + trying to figure out a routine + our first family outing!

I finally have a code to share with you!! If you use Nuun or are interested in learning more about Nuun products, here’s a way to get 25% off! I drink their electrolyte tablets about once a day. I love sipping on them when I go to hot yoga. They also have immunity tablets, vitamin tablets, and different ways to get natural energy. Lots of good stuff!! Use hydratefriends25 to save 25% HERE!
Breakfast tacos. Yes, please. I don’t know that I look forward to anything else as much as I do my first cup of coffee in the morning. Do I have a problem? Don’t tell me.
I walked into our laundry room to find this…whoops. Turns out the pillow I was washing had just blocked one of the drains. I was worried something way worse had happened.
We had our first accident in the house yesterday. I couldn’t get to her quickly enough to put her outside. She’s doing pretty well, though! She’s adjusting to us and our house. She and Lu love to chase each other around, but Lu is still a little leery of Rhea. Also, just look at this precious face.
Guys, I don’t know what my deal is this week. I don’t want to run. At all. Not even a tiny bit. I hate when I go through days/weeks like that. I had a workout run to do yesterday, but I was feeling so lazy. I knew I wouldn’t hit the paces I needed outside, so I stuck to the treadmill. I kept my training journal next to me and just watch This Is Us the whole time. I ended with 8 miles and was SO happy when I was finished. I’m just in a little funk this week with working out! I’ll get back to normal, I just need to get my runs in and quit being a baby.
I cooked up some chicken after my run. I seared it with olive oil and tangy BBQ coconut aminos from Big Tree Farms. All the heart eyes. It was delicious.
I froze these cookies that Jake’s Grandma gave me at graduation and it might just be the smartest thing I’ve ever done. They’re still so delicious and they hit the spot when my sweet tooth gets crazy. Thank you, Rosa Lee!!

Floor cuddles with my girls.
I have to make sure to give Lu lots of love so she doesn’t get too jealous
Daddy came home! The girls were ecstatic.
OUCH. I was flipping over our salmon and one end on the side that had been in the pan, flipped over onto my thumb. The sauce was sugary, so it just stuck right to my skin. It hurt so bad and the skin is kind of blistered now. Ugh. Dumb mistake.
We had brown sugar salmon, mushrooms, and toast. Mmm.
We had our first family outing last night. We took the girls to the pet store to get some puppy food and a few toys. They did pretty well! Except when Rhea decided she was finished walking around, so she just plopped down on the floor. Kinda how I felt during my run yesterday…
Easy 60 minutes of running to start our morning! We need to work on our jumping pictures…
Alex tried on some of my Altras to see if any would work for her. Do I have a problem? Maybe…I love sharing my love of Altra with others! 
Breakfast tacos after my run! I’ve been trying to eat within 30 minutes of finishing a workout to give my muscles the fuel they need to recover. Goat cheese on tacos is life changing.
The girls are both taking morning naps, so I’m going to try and knock some things out before they wake up and want to play!
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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