How to motivate yourself + lazy puppy day + weekend plans!!

A lot of people commented about my lack of motivation this week and said they were experiencing the same thing. This is one thing I love about blogging – the relationships I make! You guys are pretty awesome.
​I came across this wonderful article providing tips for dealing with that lack of motivation. Here are the tips – keep a training log, listen to music, be flexible (know that life happens and if something comes up and you have to miss your run, you WILL be okay), manage the moment (speak kindly to yourself, remind yourself how you’ll feel when you finish the run), call a friend, eat a snack for energy, use a variety of speeds in your workout, take a new route, focus on form and breathing, and lastly, if you’re super drained, just do some easy miles – something is better than nothing! You can read the whole article HERE. I do a lot of these things, but I need to do more of them. Sometimes I get in a funk with running because I don’t want to run the same route. I love to run somewhere new and take in all the scenery. I need to do a better job of venturing out and exploring different areas of town. 
I couldn’t get a clear picture, but my thumb has some blisters on it from when I burned it with the salmon and brown sugar Wednesday night. It doesn’t hurt anymore, though, so that’s a plus!
This girl sure loves toys. And sleeping.
This girl sure is needing lots of cuddles with her Mom right now. She’s adjusting to Rhea and is getting better each day. She has started taking toys to her and trying to play, so I’m thankful for that! They also chase each other every time they go outside. It’s cute.
Seriously. All. The. Toys.
This salad is life right now. I cooked the chicken with butter and Tangy BBQ coconut aminos from Big Tree Farms (their shop is down right now, but it should be back up soon). It turned out even better than I was hoping. Plus, we all know goat cheese makes everything better. ; )
The sharing of toys is difficult…
I made a pallet on the floor so I could sit by Rhea while I worked. She took over my spot, so I stuck to the couch and knocked out my work there.
I think Lu liked having the extra cuddles.
I sure loves these two ornery girls.
Dinner last night was delicious. Spaghetti squash, shrimp, and garlic bread. Mmm.
Just a reminder about a Nuun 25% off discount code – hydratefriends25! The code expires March 6th.
I am ready for the weekend! This week has dragged by and I’m ready to get my motivation back. Rhea goes for her first vet appt this morning, so we will see how that goes. Our vet was excited to hear we got a puppy after losing Aspen in August. They had been Aspen’s vet since she was a puppy, so they got pretty attached to her, even though Aspen HATED going to the vet. I have a Trail Sisters run on Saturday, so I am stoked about that. If you’re a lady and want to run with us (it might be paved trail due to rain), let us know! Other than that, we will be spending lots of time with the girls. 
Happy Friday, friends!

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