Let’s get caught up + giveaway time!

Hi, friends! Wow, this week flew by! I sure have missed you guys! As promised, I have a giveaway for you! I am giving away a basket of some of my favorite things – my favorite chapstick, my favorite face cleanser wipes for after a run, a tube of Nuun electrolytes, one of my favorite face masks, and my favorite protein powder! To enter, like the giveaway post (linked and below) on Instagram, comment your favorite emoji, and follow me there if you aren’t already by Thursday 3/7 at 11:59PM (CST). I will choose a winner on Friday! Can’t wait to share some of my favorites with you!
Here’s what is in the giveaway! 
Rhea had her first vet appointment last week. Our girl is healthy and everyone loved getting to cuddle her!
This is me a lot on the treadmill. I have to break my 60-minute easy runs into 5 minute sections. All. The. Time. Anyone else do this?
Last Saturday morning started with a puddle run for Trail Sisters Springfield! It had rained a ton the week before, so we didn’t run trail because it was so wet. We had a blast getting together and knocking out some miles.
Our run was followed by breakfast and coffee at B2 Cafe. They have the best burritos.
All the toys and all the naps.
I had a long run Sunday morning, so I laid out all my stuff the night before. I THINK I have found what might work best for my stomach this time around with marathoning. I can drink caffeine, but I can’t ingest it with gels. I ended up switching out the Chocolate gel for Strawberry gel because the Chocolate has caffeine. I didn’t have any stomach issues! This was my third long run doing this, so I think it’s going to work! I also switched to Huma Gels, which seem to be easier on my stomach, too.
Double. Trouble.
My total run on Sunday was 12 miles. 7 easy and 5 between 8:30/8:35. My last mile ended uphill, so I was a tiny bit slower than I wanted. I am keeping my easy miles easy and I think it’ll pay off in the long run. (No pun intended…)
Someone was happy when I got home. This didn’t last long because she started chewing.
Post-run deliciousness – egg bowl with spinach, chicken sausage, and goat cheese.
Sunday afternoon, we headed to a surprise party for our friend, Katie. Aren’t these pictures awesome?
This is Lu’s way to get away from Rhea since Rhea isn’t allowed on the furniture.
Dont worry, she still gets lots of love.
For breakfast all last week, we had waffles and egg scrambles. Mmmmm.
I ran some errands on Monday, then headed to a local park to get my easy run in. My coach added another day of running each week for me, so I am running 6 days a week now! I haven’t done that in forever because I always ended up injured. Turns out, these easy runs are SO important. I don’t think I was letting my body recover like it needed. I listened to a podcast and just zoned out. It was nice.
Lunch time. Spaghetti squash, a veggie burger, and toast.
I cooked this chicken with BBQ coconut aminos. It’s my favorite. I’ve made it two weeks in a row.
We made my favorite sweet potatoes with the above chicken for dinner. So. Good.
My friend, Jyssica, had the same idea! HA!
My Dad’s Birthday was Tuesday of last week, so we had my family over that night. I prepped some homemade German potato salad Monday night for his birthday. I had never made any before and it might not look very appetizing, but it was delicious!
I had a busy day Tuesday getting caught up on stuff. I love watching these two play together.
My Dad’s Granny used to always make him Angel Food Cake with orange frosting, so that’s what I made for his birthday! He turned 60!! I had to make two cakes in loaf pans, so it wasn’t the prettiest cake, but it sure tasted good!
She might look sweet, but shortly after this, she chewed through two cords in Jake’s truck. One that is connected through his dash. I left her unattended, so Jake wasn’t too happy with either of us.
Jake grilled for us Tuesday night for my Dad’s Birthday. Everything
was so yummy. I had already eaten the potato salad when I remembered to take a picture.
Here’s a throwback picture of my Dad in college. Check out those shorts!! He and Jake have a lot in common….
Happy Birthday to the best Dad in the world!!!!
Wednesday morning it was warm enough for shorts for my 5AM run!!
Thabkfuk for friends who will go to the track for speedwork with you when it’s still dark outside.

And yes, sad day, I am taking a break from getting lash extensions. We have started to seriously look at moving, so I’m budgeting a little bit more. I will go back to having lashes, though!! I miss them. A lot. I had them for two years, so I feel very weird right now. I pulled some of them out when I decided to not get them filled again, so I ripped out some of my real lashes. I hope they grow back quickly!

Post run veggies, sausage, and eggs.
I am SO excited to finally share this! Springfield FitLife, an amazing local lifestyle and wellness guide, put out a big spread all about spring and trails in our area. They asked me to write up a short piece about some of our local trails. You can see the whole issue HERE. My piece starts on page 10! I also shared it below. : ) 
I saw this on another blog I read. It made me laugh, so I sent it to Jake. This is VERY true for us! HA!
I shared the other day that I have been trying to explore options for training/racing that involves more real food. We have heard great things about Spring Energy, so we got their sample pack. I will share all about them once I get to try them out. This sample pack is on sale right now! HERE
This little girl has turned into a wonderful big sister. I was a little worried how she would handle a puppy because she doesn’t like to share, but she is being the best. 
Rhea’s preferred position to sleep? On our feet. 
Egg and veggie scramble and a waffle really did happen ALL week. 
This girl sure is a cuddle bug. She loves to hold hands, too. 
When it is dreary and gloomy outside, you throw on bright running tights and shoes to help bring
some color into your life. Rhea was unimpressed. 
I got some treadmill miles in last week – I think I ran on the treadmill three times. 
Huge thank you to Miles and Pace for this awesome tank and trucker!! I cannot wait to wear both of them. 
When your lips match your wine and your sweater. 
How cute are these shorts at Fleet Feet?! I love them.
I will fill you in on the rest of the week tomorrow, but don’t forget to find the giveaway post on Instagram! Follow me, like it, and comment your favorite emoji by Thursday at 11:59PM (CST) to enter the giveaway! I will pick a winner and announce on Friday! 
Happy Monday, friends!


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