Let’s finish catching up + best thing I’ve ever purchased + don’t forget!

We went to dinner with Jake’s parents one night last week and we got to have drumsticks for dessert. YUM. I hadn’t had a drumstick in forever. I forgot how much I loved them. 
All. The. Snugs. Rhea has to have a toy with her at all times. Lu has gotten really good at sharing!
They play together. All the time. I swear Rhea can go from sleeping to a million miles a minute within seconds. 
We had our Trail Sisters Springfield run this past Saturday. This might be my favorite picture from the morning. We had a few water crossings and they were SO cold. I had ice on my pants when we finished!
Saturday night, we had dinner with my parents. They came over to love on the girls before we went to eat. Look at Lu’s front legs. She has them wrapped around my Dad’s hand. Whenever he tries to put her down, she fits it and grabs onto him even tighter. He is seriously her favorite person. 
Rhea going in for the sneak attack smooch. 
Lu cried when my Dad left, so she got come extra cuddles . Poor little girl. She’s a Grandpa’s Girl for sure. 
This made me laugh really hard! In high school, there was a group of 5 of us that called ourselves the Spice Girls. We had matching sweatpants. Here are 3 of us in our sweats. I sent this picture to the girls and it gave all of us a good laugh. I’m on the left in the Uggs. See?! I’ve always loved Uggs, Jake! (He hates them). 
Sunday morning called for a workout in my long run, so I stuck to the treadmill. We got a bunch of snow and a little ice, so I didn’t think it was smart to run outside. I got my longest ever treadmill run in – 13 miles! Here are my necessities – gel, chapstick, and my workout. 
This run actually went by pretty quickly! I think it helped that I had some speed work to play around with. That always seems to help treadmill runs go by a little faster. I watched The Office the whole time I ran, so that was nice, too! I usually run with music, but I just haven’t felt like listening to anything lately. Netflix is a life saver! 
Guys, what was I doing with my life before using these silicone baking sleeves? Legit life changer. This made making egg muffins SO EASY. I’m obsessed. I got THESE. I love them. If you make egg muffins, muffins, cupcakes, get these. They’re only $9.99!! 
Ready to be devoured. 
For dinner Sunday night, we had stuffed pepper soup. It’s super yummy! I just threw it all in the crockpot and cooked it on low for 6ish hours. It was perfect! I’m going back to limited dairy, so I threw some goat cheese in my soup before I cut it out of my life for awhile. 
She always steals my blanket. Also, not sure how this is comfortable. 
These egg muffins are SO good. They save so much time in the morning. I wasn’t making them because I hated cleaning up the muffin tin. I am SO excited to have those silicone muffin liners now! 
I did NOT want to run yesterday. It was cold and I just wanted to stay inside and bundled up. Plus, I was being crazy productive, so I didn’t want to take a break. But, that’s not how training works, so I bundled up in a different way and hit the pavement. At least the sun was shining!! I got my 60 minutes of easy miles in and felt good when I was finished. I finally got some new fleece-lined pants (thanks, Alex!!!). My legs were getting so cold during runs that they would tingle. I have never had fleece-lined pants before, so I was excited when Alex told me about THESE. They’re on sale! I LOVE them. My legs didn’t get cold at all, so I’m so glad I got a pair!
Lunch after my run – leftover BBQ coconut aminos chicken, sautéed spinach, and an orange. Plus a piece of honey PB toast – not pictured. 
These two. Ornery, but cute. They spent the afternoon sun bathing. 
I love this trail shirt from Fleet Feet! It lists a bunch of our local trails here in town. <3 
I met some girlfriends for dinner last night. I had a veggie burger and fried okra. Fried okra is my weakness and this was SO good. I ate that entire container of it…
Don’t forget about the giveaway! I am giving away a basket of some of my favorite things – my favorite chapstick, my favorite face cleanser wipes for after a run, a tube of Nuun electrolytes, one of my favorite face masks, and my favorite protein powder! To enter, like the giveaway post on Instagram, comment your favorite emoji, and follow me there if you aren’t already by Thursday 3/7 at 11:59PM (CST). I will choose a winner on Friday! Can’t wait to share some of my favorites with you!
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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