Random + pups + 13!

Egg muffins and waffles for breakfast. Mmm.
Rhea’s eyes are so expressive. She melts my heart when she looks at me like this. We are working hard on training her. It’s going pretty well! She’s so smart, so it’s fun to watch her pick things up quickly. She’s definitely ornery. I love it.
When you’re so cute, so just have to stare at yourself in the mirror.
I am on a sautéed spinach kick right now. I just cook it on the stovetop with ghee and Everything But The Bagel Seasoning. It’s so tasty! I top it with nutritional yeast and Sriracha. 
All they do is play. The tug-of-war has officially started. They were carrying a stick around our backyard together earlier this morning. It was super cute.
I got these new Spring Energy gels yesterday. I couldn’t wait to try them! They have a gel for everything! We got the sample pack so we could try a bunch of different ones. It’s on sale right now! HERE.
Another day, another toy.
I had a long run today, so here’s what I took with me! My run was mostly a workout. 10 of the 13 miles were at an 8:00 or below. I was nervous about trying something new, but I am super impressed with the Spring Energy gel. I only used one, but it gave me a little kick when I needed it. Can’t wait to try the others! I still use Hüma and Skratch chews. My chews were frozen by the time I got to them and the mouthpiece of my flask froze, so I had to unscrew it whenever I wanted a drink. Still using BodyGlide For Her – it’s a life saver and keeps my sports bra from rubbing. 
I had a plain bagel with almond butter and honey before Alex met me for our run.
Alex’s hair always freezes, so we stopped to document it. She told me this run aged her since her hair looked gray. Ha!
Nothing like starting your run in the dark and ending with the sunrise! If you need me, I’ll be in sweats and under all the blankets for the rest of the day. It was COLD this morning.
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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