Aaaand the winner is…+ protein coffee + this food was delicious!

It’s time to announce the giveaway winner!! This has been SO fun! I loved reading all of your comments and seeing your favorite emojis. Thank you for participating!
One lucky winner gets to try some of my favorite things! That Vega protein is SO delicious. I can’t live without my Burt’s Bee’s Pomegranate chapstick. Those Nuun electrolyte tabs are perfect for rehydrating. I use the face wipes after most of my runs and I love the refreshing scent, plus, we all need to pamper ourselves, so that face mask does the job! 
Rebecca, you’re the winner!! I tagged you on Instagram, too! I know I have said this before, but one of my favorite things about blogging is getting to “meet” new people. Rebecca is one of those new people! Rebecca, I am so happy these are going to you and I would love to hear what you think about them! DM me when you see this!! <3
I’ve been drinking protein coffee in the mornings whenever I have my last cup of coffee. We just got a new chocolate protein and it’s super yummy. It’s from Optimum Nutrition. All I do is put a scoop of protein in hot coffee and blend it with my handheld mixer. That’s it! So simple and sooo good.
I’m going to start winking at Jake whenever I give him food or drinks. I think it’ll be funny.
For lunch I had the rest of that stuffed pepper soup, but I got hungry again in the late afternoon, so I ate my leftovers from when we were at Brew Co the other night. I didn’t run yesterday, but I was definitely hungry from my run the day before.
We moved Rhea into her big girl kennel Wednesday night! She cried for about 10 minutes, but then she went to sleep. I think she likes it! I walked in to her trying to bring her bed out into the living room. She didn’t get very far…
For dinner last night, we had Sheet Pan Hawaiian Chicken. It was DELICIOUS. I put ours on top of cauliflower rice and it was super filling. Jake had garlic toast with his, too. I just love pineapple so much. I do have a pineapple tattoo…do I love it too much?
This girl. She is SO snuggly. Jake and I both tried to play with her with all kinds of different toys, but she will only really play with Lulu. She just wants to cuddle with us. I don’t mind it at all! She hugs you and it’s so cute. She laid like this for probably 20 minutes.
I am a sucker for things with my name on them. If it says Chelsea, there’s a 98% chance I’m going to buy it. I love these Yeti cups I got for us two Christmases ago. I got them on Amazon, but I’m not seeing the company that made them for us anymore. I’ll keep looking! These cups also give us one more way to match, which you all know I love. Jake hates it. Ha!
Whoops! Totally spaced on adding this – a few of you asked how my pre-service teachers were doing (you’re so sweet!) But they are doing well! It was so fun to see them in the classroom yesterday, getting to do what they love. They are still nervous, but they’re learning more and more each day they get to work with kiddos. I’ll keep you updated! : )

We have some exciting things happening for our family this weekend – I can’t wait to share them with you on Monday’s post! Prayers and positive vibes sent my family’s way would be MUCH appreciated! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Happy Friday, friends!


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