Lazy but healthy + how do I get rid of this?! + make this tonight – for real!

This little throwback was from a New Year’s Eve trip we took with friends to Austin, TX in 2017. We had all of the best food and drinks on that trip! I love the Austin area, it’s so fun.
Eggs muffins and a waffle. Yum. I love how easily these egg muffins come out of those silicone liners. I know I keep talking about them, but they have seriously changed my life.
Chocolate protein coffee for a post-breakfast snack. This tasted just like hot chocolate.
This is the lazy girl guide to meal prep – salad kit, tuna packet, and a hard-boiled egg. So easy, but still healthy and filling. I had forgotten how much I loved the Sweet & Spicy tuna. I used to eat it all the time when I was teaching. It was so easy to just grab it and go.
I finished up some meal prep. Jake is having tacos the rest of the week. These have ground beef, corn, black beans, green chiles, and goat cheese. Mmm.
It was hard to get a good picture, but I have a massive knot in my neck. I saw my chiropractor yesterday and she asked if my neck had been bothering me. I said no and she couldn’t believe it. I’ve been trying to massage the knot out, but man, it hurts to even touch it! No clue how I missed it before seeing her. She worked on my bad ankle (the one I sprained back in November) and my sore knee. I feel great today and can’t wait to run after two days off!
I am officially caught up on grading!! I’m teaching three classes this semester, and two of them are online, so I had a bunch of quizzes that needed to be graded. It sure felt good to get that finished!
I am currently obsessed with this song.
Sunshine and driving with the windows down. YES! I wore the shirt from my bachelorette party, too. PGP Apparel made these custom for me. Look her up if you ever need shirts made! She’s amazing. My shirts said Down to Fiesta because the theme of my bachelorette was Chelsea’s Final Fiesta. It was SO fun. You can read all about my bachelorette weekend HERE
Yet another reason I love WAHOO Running – they teach us! Legitimately teach. We had a 30 minute marathon nutrition chat last night and it was awesome. I asked a ton of questions about some new things I’m trying and they had wonderful insights. If you’re interested in anything about nutrition, training, or recovery and want to learn from EXPERTS check them out HERE.
Rhea got to visit 4 By 4 Brewing Co for the first time last night! Jake said she was perfect. And no, we don’t let our dogs drink beer…
Wow. Make this. So. Good. Sweet & Spicy Bacon-Wrapped Chicken. Wrap chicken breasts in bacon, dip in mixture of brown sugar and chili powder (I did 1T brown sugar for each chicken breast and then probably 1/2T of chili powder total), bake at 400 for 25/30 minutes. Chow down.
Seriously. It was amazing. We are having it again tonight and I’m already stoked.
We watched Bohemian Rhapsody last night. What an awe
some movie!! We both loved it. Now I want to listen to all of Queen’s songs. Lu was sleeping in our room, so Rhea got to cuddle with us on the couch. We aren’t letting her on the furniture unless we invite her, so it won’t happen very often. She didn’t stay up here long, she preferred her bed on the floor. We are good with that!
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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