Giveaways are fun + back at it + the Oval Office!

My giveaway goodies made it to their winner! I loved getting so share some of my favorites with you guys. Maybe I need to start doing giveaways more often…
I know you’ve never seen me eat this breakfast, so please don’t be alarmed. ; )
Someone wanted to sit outside in the rain yesterday. Rhea was outside for over an hour, just sitting, chewing on things, in the pouring down rain. She did NOT want to come in. She hid from me at one point. She loves being outside. 
I was SO excited to run, but I didn’t really WANT to run…makes no sense, does it? I ended up doing my easy 60 minutes on the treadmill while watching the Office.
I still can’t believe Jake pulled off this surprise. I had NO clue he got me a treadmill. The truck that delivered it was massive and I couldn’t figure out why they were driving down our cul-de-sac. Ha! You can read all about it HERE.
I guess I’ll forgive Jake for breaking one of the tacos he had for lunch…
Sad truth – the only reason I ran when I did was because I was hungry and wanted to eat lunch. I threw my salad mixture on some bread and had this delicious sandwich the second I pushed stop on the treadmill.
I spent most of the day on my computer. I took a snack break and had some yogurt. Rhea was very intrigued. She’s getting SO big.
I am legitimately sad this chicken is gone. Jake said the same thing. He took his last bite last night and said, “I’m so sad that meal is over.” We will be making this again! The recipe is HERE.
I can totally relate to this. If I have to make an extra stop, I feel very inconvenienced. Sorry, Mom!
I haven’t listened to these yet, but I love this podcast. I can’t wait to check out all of these experts! You can listen HERE.
Pre-run coffee. I had speed work this morning, so I needed all the coffee I could get. It was super windy.
Alex joined me for some speed work. Track work is always more fun with friends.
The neighborhood watch when I got back home.
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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