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I think I like Valentina’s hot sauce on eggs better than Sriracha. Don’t tell anyone I said that…also, if you like almond butter AND you like blueberry waffles, try them together. YUM.
I shared yesterday that the horn in my car isn’t working any more. I got some funny suggestions, but this one was my favorite. HA! Completely unrelated…anyone have an air horn I can borrow?
I switched things up and had tacos for lunch. I was jealous of Jake’s tacos, plus, tacos are life. I mixed together a salad kit (my favorite is the sunflower crunch), put the mixture on top of two corn tortillas, added tuna and a hard-boiled egg, then I chowed down.
I added a little salad on the side, too!
I ran a few errands for my car, so I brought the necessities with me. Books and liquids.
Double. Trouble. These two are a mess.
This ended up being a little soupier than I wanted, but it was delicious. This recipe is called Skillet Lasagna. I put it over noodles for Jake and he loved it! All I did was brown ground beef, chop mushrooms, an onion, two zucchini, and cut a container of cherry tomatoes in half. I sautéed all the veggies in olive oil and garlic, then mixed them together with the ground beef. Once all of that was cooked, I put one can of marinara into a big pot and let it all simmer for about 20 minutes. YUM!
Look at these faces. Rhea gets to lay with us in bed for about 5 minutes each morning. She loves it.
Early morning miles with friends!
I failed to get a good picture, but we survived the 20-some mile an hour winds!
Thanks for keeping me grounded, ladies. Also, I really don’t think I can do a cartwheel…
Remember when I told you a few weeks ago that I was going to foam roll more often? Well, I have!! I just forgot to document it. So, here’s some documentation from after my run this morning! Hurts so good.
Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    I hate to say it Chelsea, but I think before long Rhea is going to be a couch sitting, bed laying member of the family … I don’t think you nor Jake can stand so keep the animals at a distance. I think that’s why the dogs love you both so much.
    Seems like you’re keeping up with your foam rolling and that’s great. I was so sore today that I had to take a day completely off from working out and that sucked BUT I know I’ll feel better tomorrow and can get back in the saddle and workout again. Any fun friday plans?

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