Weekend Wrap-up!

Jake headed out of town Thursday evening for some races. I had an off day from running Friday, so we had a slow morning getting around. It was wonderful. The girls loved it, too, but we were missing Jake. 
Little miss got her rabies shot Friday morning. She was so good at the vet. They gave her spray cheese while she got her shots, so she was pretty happy.
Breakfast after the vet. Mmm.
I worked on some different things Friday morning, then had a coconut yogurt bowl for lunch.
My friend Kayla is AMAZING at make-up. She said she’d help me put on some fake lashes, then she asked if she could just put on all of my make-up. If you remember, I don’t do much with make-up, so of course I said YES! She’s so good, you don’t even need a filter. ; ) While I was with Kayla Friday afternoon, I decided to sign-up for the ShamRox 15k race Saturday morning. Nothing like last minute registrations!
It was my friend, Cassie’s, birthday Friday, so we headed to dinner at Golden Girl Rum Club. Packet pick-up for the race was close to dinner, so I grabbed all of my stuff on the way to eat. It worked perfectly. For dinner, I had the pineapple curry wings and an Al Pastor taco. Bother were incredible.
After dinner, we headed to Dublin’s South for The Mixtapes, one of my all-time favorite 90’s cover bands. Irish Car Bombs are one of my favorite drinks, so since it was St. Patty’s weekend, I had to have one. Or two. They’re so good. I think they taste like a chocolate milkshake!
We had a blast listening to The Mixtapes. They’re SO good. Christina, the one with blonde hair, came into town from KC. Cassie and I went to college with her, and I hadn’t gotten to see her in almost a year! It was so fun to catch up and spend the weekend together.
I left the concert about 10:30 and was asleep by 11. I knew I’d be tired for the race, but I was having so much fun with the girls. I got up Saturday, made my pre-race breakfast (plain white bagel with almond butter and honey), got dressed, and headed downtown, which is where the race was. My coach told me to use this race as a practice for my marathon, so that’s what I did! I’ll do this again for a half I have in April (the Go Girl). I think I have found my fuel for the OKC Marathon – Spring Energy. This stuff is awesome. It’s REAL food, which I love. I had zero stomach issues and felt fueled well for the whole race (even after staying up late and having a few drinks). I took this one about 20 minutes before I started my warm-up, then took another after 8 miles. I used Skratch chews in-between.
I had a one mile recovery in the middle of my workout. Man, it was HARD to slow down in a race. I took a recovery mile selfie to document that I slowed down!
My workout was the following:
3 warm-up miles before the race (not included here); once the race started, I did this: 5 miles at marathon pace, 1 recovery mile, 3 miles at threshold, and 1 cool-down mile after the race (not included below). I hit my paces and was pretty happy with how I felt! I ended with 13 miles for the day. My coach, Carlee, with Wahoo Running, is seriously a life saver. I texted her Friday afternoon asking if I could do this race since it wasn’t on my plan. She texted me immediately and said to go for it. She planned a workout and made everything work for my plan. SO thankful for her guidance and support.
Look at these amazing women I get to run races with. Wow! I’m not sure why it’s listing my maiden name (Dorman), haha, but I ended up 13th overall and 2nd in the age-group.
22 is my favorite number, so I was excited about my bib.
This babe (Kayla) crushed her 15k! So. Proud!
I love seeing improvements like this! I’ll take it for a training run!
Post-run deliciousness.
When you drink a little too much Friday night, brunch on Saturday is rough.
Some of the beautiful Trail Sisters after their run Saturday morning! I missed you girls!
After brunch, we all went back to my house. Lu and Rhea were so excited to have some friends come over.
Christina was a little hungover, ha, so we relaxed and took it easy Saturday afternoon. We haven’t all gotten to sit around and just chill since college, so it was perfect. Lu and Rhea were in Heaven.
I love a good post race nap, especially if it’s in the sunshine. And yes, this hurt my neck. 
Sad news – I had some sort of an allergic reaction to some new toothpaste I have been using. It’s awful. It got so bad on Saturday that I couldn’t open my mouth. Not fun. It hurts to eat, which is a REAL bummer. It progressively got worse on Saturday, so on the way to dinner with the girls, I ran by the store to get some Benadryl. This is what I’ve been using. Cassis is a nurse, so she was trying to diagnose me at dinner. I’m thankful for smart friends! 
We decided on Mexican for dinner. Everything hurt my mouth, so I just ate the beans, rice, and tortillas. I was super cranky and uncomfortable. I took a Benadryl then called my Dad (he’s a dentist). I told him I had switched toothpaste and what Cassie had said. He told me the toothpaste I had been using (Colgate Total Advanced Whitening) was known for causing allergic outbreaks. COOOOOL. So, he told me to get some children’s liquid Benadryl to swish around.
Cassie and Christina came over after dinner and we relaxed while watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. My Benadryl kicked in and I passed out on the couch. Ha! Cass fell asleep, too. Wild Saturday night, huh? I was a bad puppy Mom and let Rhea sleep with me and Lu. She did AMAZING and never moved.
When the hubby is gone, you sleep in, and don’t feel like running yet, you have breakfast in bed. My mouth felt a little better when I woke up, so I was thankful for that. I was able to eat this whole bowl of food. It takes me awhile to eat, but I’m glad I could at least get some good nutrients in. 
Literally the best start to a Sunday. We lounged in bed until almost 10. I worked from my computer and sipped on coffee while watching Netflix. It was incredible. Rhea snoozed on the floor.
I finally got to break in my new Team Trail Sisters shirt! Also, all the sunshine. I was worried my knee would be sore after my hard effort Saturday. It didn’t hurt at all!! I was ecstatic. I also realized I have been forgetting to share my training – whoops! It’s at the end of this post.
I needed a break from eggs, so I made baked oatmeal cups for breakfast this week. I added protein powder to give them some protein. The recipe is below!
Here’s the recipe and the nutrition information! Bake at 425 until firm (about 25-30 minutes). Just check them! I would add a little more liquid OR don’t let them cook as long. They’re a little dried out. I’m going to eat mine with melted almond butter on top to help with that. I bet these would be good in a bowl with almond milk, too. 

Clarification for the ingredients that don’t show amount:
12 scoops protein powder (I bought a 5 pound container of protein, so we have a ton)
4.5 cups of oats

Jake is having BBQ pulled pork and fries for lunches this week. Here are his fries! I topped 5 sliced potatoes with ghee, garlic powder, chili powder, and a little salt. They’re yummy!
For dinner Sunday, we met Jake’s Dad and stepmom. My mouth had really started to hurt again, so I wasn’t happy. When everything hurts your mouth, you eat all the carbs. As long as I have things I can break into small bites, I can eat. Since I love Irish Car Bombs, I had to have one since its was St. Patty’s. 
It was so beautiful outside, so we walked to and from dinner. I am so glad to have this dude back home. He had races this weekend in Stillwater, OK. On Friday he ran a 50k, which he crushed. He kept a sub 9:00 pace the entire time! On Saturday, he had a 100 mile bike ride. His knee started to hurt, so he pulled out at mile 53. He has a 100k coming up in April, so he didn’t want to cause something serious. And yes, he has a mustache…I can’t look at it.
After dinner, it was back home to do our favorite thing – cuddle the girls! Rhea got to be on the bed with us. She loved it. My Dad came over to look at my mouth and then he went to the store with me to see if we could find anything to help. I am swishing diluted peroxide, chlidren’s liquid Benadryl, taking a Benadryl, and using a numbing cream. Fingers crossed those things help. If not, I’ll have to get a steroid mouth rinse. I woke up this morning with it feeling better, so fingers crossed it stays that way. And I want to burn the toothpaste that did this to me. 
Training last week:
Monday – Rest day 
Tuesday – 60 minutes at 10:00
Wednesday – 2WU, 3 x 5:00 at threshold w/ recovery, 2 x 3:00 at threshold, w/ recovery, 3 x 1:00 interval w/ recovery, 2CD = 7.3 total miles 
Thursday – 60 minutes at 9:39
Friday – Rest day
Saturday – Race! 3WU, 5 at marathon pace, 1 recovery, 3 at threshold, 1 CD = 13 total
​Sunday – 60 minutes at 9:49
Happy Monday, friends!


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