I messed up a recipe + juuuust food + out of practice…

I spent most of the day on my computer yesterday, so I don’t have much to tell ya! Oh, one bummer…guys, those oatmeal baked muffin cups I shared were awful! Jake took some to work and called me to say they were really dry, so I shouldn’t eat them by themselves. Oh my gosh. He was right. Gross. Buuuut, I did crumble them into some plant protein milk and top them with almonds butter and honey. That helped!! The flavor is awesome, but the texture is the worst. 
Driest muffins in the world. That’s what I get for not following recipes…
I spent the morning on my computer. Before I knew it, it was lunch time. I had food to cook for lunch, but I was in work mode, so I threw together some sautéed spinach, tuna, Wheat Thins, and fruit snacks. It was delicious.
I went to hot yoga later in the afternoon, but I had a snack before I went. I’m loving these bowls right now. Coconut yogurt, a banana, PB2, collagen, chia seeds, and honey.
Hot yoga was amazing, but hard. I can tell it had been a few weeks since I’d been. I changed super fast after class and headed to Galloway. One of our favorite bartenders passed away last week, so they hosted a memorial for some of the regular. We sure are going to miss you, Britt. <3
Dinner was super easy. I was thankful for two crockpots! I put sweet potatoes in one crockpot and chicken in the other. It worked perfectly – this was my first time cooking sweet potatoes in a crockpot, too. I think they cooked on high for 4 hours. We topped the chicken with BBQ coconut aminos. YUM. 
Alex met me for some easy miles this morning. They didn’t feel very easy! I think I’m worn out from my race last weekend. I was thankful she met me to run…I needed the motivation. 
These cuties were walking as we finished our run. Jake has a sore knee, but he was able to run a little bit today. We will get him all healed up before his 100k in April!
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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