I feel like a real adult + one of my favorites – sweet potato nachos + speed work!

I subbed yesterday morning for a friend, so I took breakfast on the go. These muffins are awful unless they’re in a bowl with milk, honey, and almond butter. I subbed in her PE class, so I got to wear sweats. My idea of a dream!
I feel like such an adult. Jake got me this orchid over a year ago and I’ve kept it alive! I got so excited when I saw this bloom! I have killed bamboo, so I’m not exactly a green thumb…
After subbing, I came home and had lunch. A leftover sweet potato with shredded chicken and chicken sausage. I swear there’s a sweet potato under there.
My Mom headed out of town, so I dropped her off at the airport. Before I did that, I drank my greens. I realized I was drinking greens out of last year’s ShamRox glass while wearing this year’s sweatshirt. It made me laugh. It’s the little things…
The most perfect avocado. Ever. Anyone else get excited when you cut into an avocado and it’s perfect? I sure do.
Dinner was one of my favorites – sweet potato nachos. Similar recipe HERE. I love sweet potatoes, so if I can substitute them for anything, I will!
I started watching Schitt’s Creek after a friend recommended it. It’s hilarious. Definitely a good show to watch if you don’t want anything serious. I got some 100 calorie packs of kettle corn at the store. Best purchase this week. They’re delicious.
I’m not sure that I want to go back to classroom teaching, BUT, there are some things that I miss. One of those things is how awesome my kiddos were. This was from a group of my 7th graders. How funny/legit is this idea? Middle schoolers are the best…aaaand the worst. But mostly the best.
It was calling for rain when we left for our track workout this morning, so I attempted to braid my hair. HA! Not the best…if I don’t braid it and it rains, it’s a hot mess!
My braid used to be so long! I would have bruises on my shoulder blades from the rubber band at the end of my braid holding it in place. I miss my long hair! The next time I post about wanting to chop my hair, someone stop me. K?
The day I chopped! I was able to donate the 11 or 12 inches I had cut off, so that was super cool.
We knocked out 11 miles of speed work today. I was super thankful to have Alex with me. It started raining on us after our warm-up, so I needed the extra motivation! I love getting a double digit run in before 7AM. Now to try and avoid a nap today…I’m off to hot yoga. I may just nap on my mat…
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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