Well, I tried + my practicum students + a beautiful day!

Welllll, this breakfast still isn’t great, but I don’t hate it. I don’t hate many types of food, so that’s pretty typical. I will try to remake these baked oatmeal cups in a few weeks…once I’ve forgotten how terribly I messed them up this round.
Ive been drinking OptiGreens for a few weeks. I heard a lot of people who didn’t like the taste, but I like it. It’s kind of like a lightly sweetened tea. Also, I was sent a preset to use on pictures, so I’ve been playing around with it. I can’t decide if I like it or not. I used it on this photo. Anyone else out there use presets on their photos?
I spent the morning observing some of my practicum students in their elementary schools. It’s always fun to see them and watch them in the classroom for the first time. They all seem to enjoy it and I love that.

After I observed, I came home and made lunch. I made this cute smiley face for myself. Does this mean I need another hobby?

This lunch was delicious. I finally got to try my other dairy-free cheese. This one is amazing, too. I made tuna tacos with spinach.
This made me laugh way too hard. I love to wear Jake’s shirts and the fabric of this one is so soft. Nothing like eating a banana in a banana shirt.
This girl was living her best life riding around with the windows down. She has figured out that if she stands in the right spot, she can roll the window down even further. I have to use the window lock whenever she rides with me.
We snuggled in the sun, then headed outside and spent most of our afternoon in the backyard. I read a book, we played frisbee, and the girls napped in the sun.
She sleeps with her nose pressed up against the windows all the time. Between her and Lu, I have given up on cleaning these sliding glass doors.
Nothing has ever been more true.
We had a MORC event last night. They provided pizza and beer, which was sweet! I stuck to dairy-free and got an appetizer for dinner. These brussles are delicious.
Happy Friday, friends!

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