Sinus infections are the worst + TMI Posts + ready to be healthy.

Okay, any time I get sick, the weirdest thing happens. It affects my head more than anything. It’s like I am in a fog. I can’t think straight or function. Does this happen to anyone else? It’s before I take any medicine, so it’s not a side effect from that. It’s awful! But in more positive news – I woke up today feeling better!! Thank goodness. 
I took my time getting around yesterday. I woke up feeling terrible. I got started on antibiotics, so hopefully those help me heal quickly! I didn’t have an appetite, but knew I needed to eat – breakfast burrito to the rescue. 
I needed to be in schools observing my practicum students yesterday, so I made sure to stay away from people and get in and out of schools quickly. My medicine started to kick in and I started to feel more focused, so that was good. This was my, “I feel awful, but I’m trying to look normal” face. Does anyone else experience their eyes changing color throughout the day? Sometimes mine are dark brown and sometime they’re light brown, like here. It’s weird. 
I made the most amazing smoothie bowl for lunch.
I loved the smoothie, but it made me so cold. I put on my baggiest sweats and my robe, then crawled under the comfiest blanket ever. And see! My eyes changed back to dark brown. No filters on these. It’s just strange. Lighting maybe?
Wedding bliss, friends. Wedded bliss.
We did a whole lot of this yesterday. I was so thankful to be able to rest.
The best part of my day – my marathon shoes were delivered!! I wore this same pair in black for the Bass Pro marathon, so I decided to try them out again, but this time in bright pink. Can’t wait to get some miles on these bad boys. Thank you, Ames Adventure Outfitters, for being so amazing!!
Dinner of champions. Toast with peanut butter, toast with jam, and kettle corn. Nothing sounded good.
Here’s a glimpse into my family. Haha! I think our Netflix profiles say a lot about us. Pipe, why? Also, I’m not the worst aunt in the world, my sister and her hubby have requested we don’t post pictures of my sweet niece on social media, but don’t you worry, I am getting lots of niece cuddles. I am so mad I’m sick because I miss her. A lot. She’s perfect.
Here’s a glimpse into my TMI idea! Send me topics! If I don’t have personal experience with whatever it is you’re wondering about, I’ll do research or find someone who has and type up a post.
It does not have to be running related! 
Happy Friday, friends!

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