Weekend Wrap-up!

I was sick all weekend, sooo that was fun. I am so ready to feel normal again! I was feeling so much better Friday, but as the day went on, I started feeling crummy again. I felt sick all day Saturday, too. I felt decent Sunday morning, but slept most of the afternoon. Come on healthy! I’m taking antibiotics, so fingers crossed.

I haven’t had much of an appetite, but I’ve been making myself eat. I had a burrito for breakfast Friday morning.

My nurses, sleeping on the job.
My Dad came over Friday, so the girls were super happy. They stood and waited.
My Momma and Grandma went to a movie, then they stopped by to hang out for a little bit. Lu was the happiest girl. My Mom and Grandma saw Unplanned, which they said was incredible. I can’t wait to see it. I think it will be hard to watch, but it’s important information. The trailer is HERE.
We looked at a house on Friday. Jake always does very thorough checks. His Dad joined him in the crawl space. I couldn’t resist taking this picture.
I love watching these two together. They’re definitely besties.
I took TWO pictures Saturday. I can’t remember the last time that happened. That’s how you know I wasn’t feeling well. I made us yogurt bowls for brunch, then we just did some things around the house.
Rhea cuddles. She’s so snuggly. I love it. I think I lived in my robe all weekend.
I woke up on Sunday feeling better, which I was super thankful for because Gina, the founder of Trail Sisters, was in town for a celebration tour! She is touring around to all of the local running groups, which is awesome. Jake and I grabbed dinner with her and her fiancé, Justin, Saturday night, then on Sunday, we had an event with the Springfield Trail Sisters at Great Escape Beer Works. Check out all this awesome TS merch!
We knocked out a fun run together and enjoyed the sunshine.
Rhea loved Gina and Justin’s pup, Ezra. She would just plop down on Ezra whenever Ezra would lay on the ground.
We had the best time! Gina is wonderful. I am so grateful for the community she is creating for women. You can read more about Trail Sisters HERE. Very proud to be part of this amazing community of women.
I had a blast running and felt incredible, but it may have been a little too much for y sick body. I came home and did a fast meal prep – sandwiches for Jake’s lunches and blueberry muffin overnight oats for breakfast, then I crashed. I think I slept for 3 hours yesterday afternoon.
The recipe is below! It’s for one serving. I made 10.
Nothing sounded good for dinner, so Jake picked up Thai food. I had pineapple fried rice. It was delicious.
I crawled into bed and Rhea came to cuddle. She looks so pensive here.
Her cuddles are the best.
We have some big news – we found a house we love and our offer was accepted, so pending inspection and all that jazz, we will be moving! We put our house on the market yesterday, so praying it sells quickly! Lots going on over here.

I woke up feeling a little bit better, so hopefully one more day of rest will kick this!

Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    Congrats on the new house! I hope you post some pictures of the new place. I am guessing that you will be staying in the same area, right? I think I saw you post your current house on FB and I am pretty sure we have one of the comforters that you have. I guess great minds think alike! Good luck on the move! 😀

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