Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was a special one! We got to stand next to my sister, her husband, and our sweet niece as she was baptized on Sunday morning. It means so much to us to be her Godparents.

Let’s rewind to Friday – lunch was the most delicious wrap. I had an easy run followed by a massage, so I chowed down on this in-between. I had gotten both of us massages on Groupon, so I was a little worried about how good it would be – it was SO good!

After my massage, I met some friends for a little patio time. We grabbed dinner together, too. We were all craving wings, so we ate at Coyote’s. It was delicious.
Saturday morning started with a trail run. I had an easy 2 and a half hour run, so I headed out to Two Rivers to get in some miles on my own before meeting the Trail Sisters for our run together. It was a beautiful morning.
I was excited for some trail time. My ankle was feeling pretty good, so I was pumped to be able to run.
These views. Yes, please.
This bunch of rocks is where I sprained my ankle last Wednesday. I have been fighting this weak ankle since NOVEMBER. I am so over it. I came back to running too soon after my first marathon (November 2018) and almost tore some ligaments in my left ankle going around a corner. It was miserable and my ankle just hasn’t been the same since. 
Sorry about this, but it represents how I feel about the ankle sprain and these rocks. 
Very thankful for these women. I knocked out about 80 minutes on my own, then met up with the girls for the rest. Our run was going perfectly, as always, buuuuut then I stepped wrong on something and sprained the same damn ankle. AGAIN. I sat on the trail and cried for a few minutes. The girls stayed and walked back with me. Luckily, we were only half a mile from finishing. I was so mad. And frustrated. I am taking the rest of the month off from trail. I need to be able to start and finish my race at the end of the month. 
There was a trail maintenance work day scheduled, so a few of us stayed after the run and worked a little bit. Britt takes raking very seriously.
Alex was the best at tamping everything down.
I loved watching all these people come together to help keep our trails in the best shape!
See where I fell?? Mile 13. I was SO close to being finished with my run. Ugh. Before this run, I thought maybe I should stay off trail until my race, just because my ankle still wasn’t 100%. I decided it would be okay to still run trail…obviously I was wrong. No more trail for me until after the OKC Marathon. I’m going to miss it, but it’s the best decision for right now.
Post run lunch was a massive wrap. It was amazing.
Alex is the BEST. She grabbed some tools from HealthTracks, where she works, and fixed me right up! She worked on scraping my ankle, then she taped it up. Thankful to have friends who know what they’re doing!!!
On Saturday, Jake and I started dating 3 years ago. We went out for dinner to celebrate. We shared this delicious appetizer sampler from Ocean Zen.
Then got some sushi. Mmm.
We celebrate our one year wedding anniversary in May!
Here’s a throwback to when we started dating. We went to dinner at a Mexican place downtown, then to a concert. We saw JJ Grey & Mofro and they were amazing.
A friend sent this to me. Ha!
Rhea got in trouble for being up here, but she chased Lu onto Jake’s recliner and had her pinned down. They’re a mess.
Sunday was such a fun day! Eleanor was baptized and Jake and I are her Godparents. She’s such a perfect baby.
We had lunch with my family after the baptism, but we grabbed a beer before we ate. It was so beautiful outside.
Look at all this goodness. I was sick after I ate because I was so full, but everything was so yummy. 
We no longer have a living room. We have started packing and we sold our couch and two chairs. We don’t move until the end of the month, but we are both out of town for races, so we are getting a jumpstart on packing. I kind of enjoy packing. Is that weird?
I had another wrap for dinner last night. I didn’t think I was going to want to eat after lunch, but I got hungry, so I made a wrap. Can you tell I am trying to eat things up? All. The. Wraps. 
I knocked out some meal prep, too. We are having peanut butter banana overnight oats for breakfast. I think they’re going to be delicious. I followed THIS recipe. Jake is having chicken salad for lunch. I felt super productive yesterday – while I was packing, I was also doing laundry and meal prepping. Things will be hectic with packing/moving, so having our food prepped will be a huge help.
Happy Monday, friends!

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