Short & sweet!

I spent most of yesterday packing, so I don’t have much to share with you today. I kept EVERYTHING from my five years of teaching, so I started going through that. I figured I don’t need 50 highlighters, hundreds of crayons, and 32 3-ringed binders anymore…

These overnight oats are amazing. They’re peanut butter banana, I shared the recipe HERE. I think they’re my favorite thus far!

I am giving this away to a teacher friend, but this was a life saver. I organized different activities based on the skill being taught. I had this in a filing cabinet in all of my classrooms.
ALL the professional development books…this is about half of what I had.
I finally started getting rid of some of my own school things. I had binders and binders full of assignments from both my master’s and my PhD. I kept some things, just because I couldn’t part with them yet, but I got rid of the stuff I don’t think I’ll use anymore. It was kind of fun to go back through this stuff. So. Much. Work.
I took a break from packing for lunch. Still on the wrap train over here. Mmm.
I saw my chiropractor yesterday, too. She said the ligaments on my ankle/leg are pretty angry. She wants me running in an ankle brace for awhile. She also taped me up. Sometimes you just have to wear your RockTape to dinner. Ha!
I LOVE this weather.
We went to Jimm’s for a surprise birthday party. I had these delicious steak and bacon wrapped asparagus spears. They were incredible.
I’m off to run – wish me luck! Then it’s time to pack, sub a half day, and pack some more.
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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