An awesome throwback + weight gain + this dinner – YUM!

I know I keep saying this, but man, these overnight oats are DELICIOUS. Definitely the best I’ve ever had. They’re the perfect mix of peanut butter, cinnamon, and banana.
Lunch on the go when you’re subbing…
You know that feeling when you forget about a song and all of a sudden it comes to you out of nowhere. That happened to me on Tuesday as I was driving home from subbing. I love this play so much. Aaand this song is my favorite.
I had a workout run in the afternoon. I was again reminded why I run early in the mornings. It was SO hot. I still have a little heat rash on my face.
Jake had a meeting Tuesday evening, so I was on my own for dinner. I had salmon, a sweet potato, and spinach.
When you only have one piece of furniture in your living room and everyone wants to sit in it. I sold all of our living room furniture since we are moving. All we have left is Jake’s black recliner.
My watch thought my run was just as hard as it felt.
All the foam rolling. All of it.
We laid in bed while we waited for Jake to get home. Their cuddles made my heart happy. I think they like Parks & Rec as much as I do. 
Other than playing with her sister, this is Rhea’s favorite pastime. She just sits in our backyard like this and stares. No clue what she’s looking for…
Fighting over who gets to sit in the only piece of furniture in our living room. 
I headed out mid-morning for an easy run on Wednesday.
I got this Koala Clip awhile ago, but just used it yesterday for the first time. I LOVE it. It clips onto the back of your sports bra. I have an arm band that I usually use, but it’s bulky and I don’t love it. This is a game changer! I am definitely sold. 
I posted yesterday on social media about weight gain and marathon training. I have only trained for and finished one other marathon prior to the one I’m currently training for, but I gained weight during both training cycles. I did a little research and this seems to be common, but I wanted to ask friends if they’ve ever experienced this – I feel like if we search hard enough, we can find anything online. You guys made me feel SO much better about this! A lot of you have been/are in this same boat. I don’t weigh myself, but I can just tell I’ve gained weight by how I feel and how my clothes are fitting. It makes me feel better to know that once I’m finished training/racing, the weight will come back off. It’s just one of those things where I don’t feel as good as I like to – no one likes when their clothes feel tight! Fue
ling properly is so important, and I definitely eat ALL the time during marathon training, so I guess the weight gain kind of makes sense. Just know, if you’re experiencing this, you’re not alone! Our bodies are amazing and are capable of doing some incredible things. 
This lunch has been on repeat the past few weeks. It’s just so delicious. 
This wrap has tuna, spinach, dairy-free Pepper Jack, and dairy-free ranch. YUM. Oh, and Sriracha. 
I went to Lucky’s to grab a couple of things and they were sampling Paleo bacon. Look at this chunk. It was amazing. I definitely had more than one piece…
This is one of my favorite snacks. So good.
I found some new hummus, too. I tried the beet one yesterday and holy yum – it’s so good! These are on sale at Lucky’s, soooo, if you like hummus, go there.
When you’ve been packing all day and just can’t function anymore…I mixed up some greens and took a 10 minute break. Sometimes little brain breaks like that are life changing! After that little break, I got another wave of productivity and packed a few more boxes! 
Our dinner was delicious. Jake found morel mushrooms, so I fried them up, and we also had tuna tacos. YUM.
Dinner outside. Yes, please.
I ran with the girls this morning, now I’m off to get ready and go observe my college students!

Reminder: our second TMI Post is HERE. I shared my Top 10 Tips for not pooping your pants while running. : )

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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