Pup snugs + burger craving + weekend plans!

Pre-run coffee is the second best coffee. The first best? Post-run coffee. I hadn’t gotten up for an early morning run in over a week! It felt good to be up and knocking things out. 
It was the warmest it was going to be yesterday during our run at 5AM. I was bundled up in sweats the rest of the day. It’s always weird when that happens. I left the house in shorts in the afternoon and had to go back inside to change because I was cold. 
Jake is buying a new sleeping pad, so the girls were helping him decide which size he needs. Lu is studying the different sizes on Jake’s phone. She’s very smart. Rhea is unsure about the whole thing. 
Rhea is never without at least one toy.
Another day, another delicious wrap. I ate the rest of the tuna from our tacos the night before. I can’t stop eating that beet hummus. YUM.
When you really want to take a nap, but you don’t want your sister to steal your toy…sleep on it.
I was craving a burger last night, so that’s what we had. They were amazing. I just cooked them on the stovetop, so I was a little weary. They turned out really good! I also chopped up some sweet potatoes and made fries in our AirFryer. Lucky’s had pineapple on sale, so I stocked up and we had some of that, too.
This hit the spot.
I am running the Springfield Go Girl half this weekend – anyone else?! Our weather isn’t supposed to be all that great, so that’s kind of a bummer. I love this race, though, so I am excited. It’s always a blast and the swag and atmosphere are incredible. My running coach wants me using this race as a training run, so I’ll be running it at my marathon pace. I wanted to go for a PR, but that’s probably not smart two weeks before my marathon. HA!

​If you’re running Go Girl, let me know! I’d love to see you! If you still want to sign-up, you can use CHELSEA15 for a 15% discount! 

Happy Friday, friends!

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