Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend flew by! Between packing and racing, the days didn’t seem very long.

Friday morning started with some down time with the girls at home. Rhea made sure to gather all of her toys together.

I saw my chiropractor Friday morning (life saver), ran some errands, then met Cassie for coffee at a new place here in town. If I’m not drinking black coffee, my go-to is a honey latte with almond milk. YUM.
Leftovers for lunch – a burger and fries.
We met some friends from Ultramax for dinner. They were in town to put on the race Sunday morning. We always love getting to spend time with them.
I was drinking out of my mug when I realized I was wearing my mug club shirt. I have packed ALL of my clothes except for what I will need for races, running, and every day stuff, so you’re going to see the same things a lot for the next two weeks…
I had the last of our overnight oats for breakfast Saturday. I was sad when they were gone.
I packed all day Saturday. We are almost finished packing our house! I also sold our second couch, so we are officially couchless. I took a break to have lunch, then picked up groceries from Walmart. Grocery pick-up is a life saver. For real.
My parents stopped by to say hello and my Dad brought me flowers! I had already packed all of our vases, so I used a Skratch water bottle instead. I kind of like it!
Awesome weather for our run Sunday…it ended up being colder than this, too. And we had crazy winds. Woof.
Just everyone sharing the only piece of furniture in our living room.
Jake and I headed to The Pitch for dinner Saturday night. We can’t go there without getting the brussels sprouts appetizer. It’s our favorite.
We also shared this delicious pizza. If you haven’t been to The Pitch, you should go. You can thank me later.
I stole these from the Go Girl race director – Amanda, you take sweet pictures! This was the race start Sunday morning. Ha!
The snow and wind were crazy.
I had a few warm-up miles before the race started, so I knocked those out downtown, which is where the race started. It was cold, windy, and snowy.
Pre-race picture!
My running coach (WAHOO! Running) had me use Go Girl as my last long training run for the OKC Marathon. I did a 2 mile warm-up (not shown here), then held my marathon pace for the Go Girl miles (picture below). I’m shooting to hold an 8:35 for OKC, so we will see how that goes! My legs definitely felt heavy yesterday and I couldn’t imagine running double what I just had, but that’s all part of training. I try not to let myself think that way. I’ve put in the work, so now I just show up in two weeks and do my best. I am officially on taper, so the next two weeks are time for my body to recover and get ready. I think my biggest struggle this next marathon will be pushing through pain. Since I have a time goal this time and it’s faster than my last marathon, I know things are definitely going to hurt. My mantra – be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I keep reminding myself that we don’t train so it doesn’t hurt; it always hurts when you’re pushing and working hard. We train so we can tolerate that hurt.

Funny thing: the weekend of my marathon, Jake will be in California running a 100k. We both get home from races Sunday evening. We move that Monday and Tuesday. HA! We will be shuffling around, trying to carry boxes. I’m sure it’ll be hilarious.

SOOOO proud of Alex!! She wanted a sub 2 hour half yesterday and she CRUSHED it. She crossed the finish line at 1:54 and some change. I was stoked. She also placed 4th in her AG!! Yeah, girl!!!!
Alex and I headed to Early Bird for celebratory mimosas and breakfast after the race. I snagged 1st in my AG, so we both wore our medals to breakfast. Haha! There’s not much better than medals and mimosas.
After breakfast, I headed home to nap. I had the hardest time falling asleep, which always happens after I run a longer distance. I never took a nap after my last marathon. I just lounged in bed and relaxed. Rhea was pretty excited about some afternoon cuddles, she likes to lay right on top of our faces. Lu did not want to nap with us.
Do you think I told him I wanted Chinese enough? Maybe not since he asked if I wanted Chinese or Thai…
I meal prepped later in the day. Jake is having spaghetti squash casserole for lunches. Mmmm. It’s one of our favorites. I topped it with lots of cheese. A version of the recipe HERE. I added cheese for Jake, and this one only has beef, mushrooms, and onion in it. 
I got Peking House for dinner!! My favorite Chinese food in Springfield. So. Good. We usually get General Chicken and Sesame Chicken and share them.
Life with one chair in the living room…
These memories are so crazy. 2 years ago I had just finished and defended my comps. I can’t believe I’m no longer in school. It’s still kind of surreal.
This picture also popped up! I loved my blonde hair, but it was a lot to take care of. Miss you, Val!!!

I hope your weekend was a great one!
Happy Monday, friends!

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