Marathon Monday + delicious banana bread + recipes for you!

Our breakfasts this week are sourdough toast, two eggs, sautéed spinach, cheese, and a slice of bacon. I think sourdough is my favorite bread of all time. Anyone else?
I spent the morning going through things and watching the Boston Marathon. It was amazing to watch these athletes. I cried a few times. It gets me in all my feels when I see someone working so hard at something they love. I would love to spectate Boston one day! I think it would be incredible. Worknesh Degefa, the female winner, crossed the finish line in 2:23:31. I can’t even imagine! It was so impressive to watch her. Jordan Hasay was the first American woman to cross and she came in third! Des Linden, who won last year, came in fifth. It was such an incredible day! 

The men’s race finish was crazy to watch. Three incredibly fast men fought for first. First and second place were only two seconds apart! It was SO intense. Lawrence Cherono won and finished in 2:07:57 and the second place male, Lelisa Desisa finished in 2:07:59!

I looked outside and saw this. She’s so goofy.
My sister and my niece were in town, so my Mom brought them over to my house for about an hour. I held Eleanor the entire time. It was amazing. They were planning to meet my Dad for lunch. I had meal prepped, but wanted to see my family, so I joined them. We had sushi and I got to cuddle Eleanor more. It was the best. She is seriously the most perfect baby.
After lunch, I came home and meal prepped. We had Elk stuffed peppers for dinner. They were delicious. Goat cheese doesn’t seem to bother my stomach, so I have been eating it in small amounts. It’s my favorite. All I did for these peppers was chop off the tops of each one, chop those pieces, chop up an onion, sauté the chopped peppers and onion in olive oil, add a cup of chopped mushrooms and ground Elk, cook all of it together. After everything was cooked, I filled the peppers and cooked them at 350° for 30 minutes. That’s it!
Jake’s Grandma stopped by and brought me this adorable mug! It’s so cute.
We had a bunch of SUPER ripe bananas. I like my bananas still green, so I didn’t want them to go to waste. I made a huge batch of banana bread. I followed THIS recipe. It’s amazing. I doubled it and it turned out great. 

I have packed up most of our kitchen, so it’s kind of fun to see what I can use to cook and bake our meals…

We sold our recliner, so Jake brought in a camping chair. HA! It will be so nice once we are in our new house and have a couch again!! Two weeks from today!
I topped my pepper with some dairy-free ranch and we had garlic bread. Mmm.
I woke up with a little knee pain, so I will run later in the day if it goes away with some movement. I am subbing later, so I’m going to knock out some work before that!
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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