TMI – Rocking Unwashed Hair!

If you’re like me and don’t love washing your hair, you’ve come to the right place. I have super curly, crazy thick hair, so even with running and working out, I can USUALLY get by with only washing my hair once or twice a week. I typically end up washing it twice, just because it starts to get itchy if I run a lot and sweat and don’t wash it. When my hair was longer, I was able to go longer without washing my hair than I can with my shorter hair. My hair is starting to get longer again, so I am pumped because it doesn’t need to be washed as often to make it look decent. I think longer hair is easier to take care of in that you can pull it back or braid it. Short hair, at least for me, has to be fixed more often. So, it is life changing that mine is getting longer! I usually wash my hair every 3/4 days.
These aren’t the only things you can do to rock unwashed hair, but here’s a few things that work for me.
1. Use a cleansing conditioner. This is my number one tip. I will wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner once during the week and then use a cleansing conditioner when I wash it again a few days later. I had no clue what a cleansing conditioner was until a few years ago and I LOVE it. It definitely keeps my hair moisturized, but cleanses it at the same time. I love that it isn’t as drying as shampoo. My hair is really coarse, so this helps a lot. I use THIS one and it’s my favorite. The one I linked is on Amazon and it’s 50% off for first time orders right now!
2. Dry shampoo! Dry shampoo is wonderful, but I honestly don’t use it as much as I could. Since my hair is so thick, it doesn’t get greasy, which is awesome. I have girlfriends who swear by dry shampoo, and whenever I do use it, I love it! I asked them to share their favorite kind and they ALL said Batiste. I have used Dove and Batiste, and really liked both! I think I’m out, so I probably need to order some more. 
3. Have different hair styles for whatever unwashed day you’re on. I just started doing this and it helps! The first day I wash my hair, I always wear it down. Whether it’s styled curly or straight, I leave it down. The second day after I wash my hair, I’ll either wear it down or half-up. The third and/or fourth day, I’ll usually wear it in a pony. Switching up your hairstyles makes you feel like you’re doing something with your hair, even if you really aren’t. I will also sometimes throw some curls into my dirty hair because they stay put and help me feel like I’ve put some effort into my hair. I don’t really spend time styling my hair unless I am straightening it or curling it for an event. If I leave my hair naturally curly, I just let it air dry. This meme is my life. HA! 
4. Braids are life savers! Another reason I am anxious for my hair to grow out is that I miss being able to braid it. Braids help you look put together and keep people from knowing that it’s been 17 days since you last washed your hair. 
Here’s a throwback to the last time I chopped my hair off. My hair dresser cut off 11 or 12 inches. I can’t remember which.
I got to donate it, so that was awesome.
My head felt so much lighter!
I’d love to hear any unwashed hair tips you have! I will add them to this post!
Tip that sent in: Just wash your bangs in the sink! It freshens the top of the scalp and makes hair appear clean! 
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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