All. The. Packing + that hurt + make this!

Still just over here packing my life away. I packed our wine the other night, so that’s kind of scary. What do I drink?! ; )
This egg sandwich is DELICIOUS.
When your coffee is as big as your head. Honey lattes with almond milk are my favorite, after black coffee. I got a massive iced one on my way to sub on Tuesday. I couldn’t drink it all, HA! That’s never happened to me. I always finish all of my coffee.
Lunches this week have been Flatout wraps with chicken, spinach, and DF ranch, with sweet potatoes on the side.
The teacher I was subbing for had these pens in her classroom. I loved them and want to order some.
Banana bread on-the-go!
While we were at recess, a little boy ran up to me and said, “Hey lady, those gold things on your shoes are huge! Are they real?!” Hahaha! No, unfortunately I don’t own any shoes with real gold on them. Kids say the funniest things.
We had stuffed peppers again Tuesday night, but I cut mine all up and threw in some tortilla chips. It was a bowl full of goodness.
After dinner, we headed out for a little family walk. The girls were less than pleased when we stopped to take a picture.
All. The. Packing. We are just about finished packing. I’m glad I started tackling our guest rooms and closets early on. Now all we have left is our big furniture and a few little things. We are renting a U-Haul, so the Monday after our races, we will load it up! We close and move on that Tuesday, the 30th. I have a feeling the next few days are going to fly by. This week has been crazy! I feel like today should be Tuesday, not Thursday.
I shared a TMI Post about rocking unwashed hair yesterday. This meme is my life.
Breakfast food is the best food.
I had a workout run to do yesterday. I thought it was 10ish miles, so I grabbed these things for fuel. Part of it was timed, not based on distance, so my calculations were a little off. I needed one more gel. I struggled to get through the whole thing! Welcome to the taper…
I wore my Go Girl shirt from the race last weekend!
My run was TOUGH. It ended up being 12 miles, with some marathon pace and speed work built in. I was dying by the end. I wanted to skip my 2 miles of cool-down so badly, but I knew that was silly. I finished up the run and came home to foam roll. A lot. I have some angry hips/glutes, so I want to get them loosened up before my race on the 2
I had lunch then I mowed. We have a slight hill in our backyard and each time I had to go up it, my legs would burn, haha! That’s how you know you had a solid run!
Post-mowing treat – banana bread.
Oh my gosh you guys. This dinner was amazing. We had sweet potato, black bean, and chicken quesadillas. So easy, and so delicious.
I didn’t feel like turning our oven on, so I wrapped two sweet potatoes in damp paper towels and microwaved them until they were soft – about 4-6 minutes, depending on size. While those were heating up, I chopped and cooked chicken. When the sweet potatoes were soft, I took them out of the microwave to cool and put black beans in the microwave to warm up. While the beans were cooking, I mashed the sweet potatoes with a fork. So simple! Once everything was cooked, I layered it all into tortillas, added shredded cheese, then folded the tortillas in half and cooked everything in a skillet – flipping them over after 4-6 minutes, to get both sides cooked and crispy. YUM. If I remember, I’ll do a step-by-step on social media tonight. We are having them again and I’m already excited!
The rest of this week is a holiday break for one of the universities where I teach, so I don’t observe students today. I’m going to finish up some more packing, grade some assignments, and get an easy run in at some point. I slept in and it felt amazing. It’s rainy and kind of stormy here, so my group didn’t run together because we heard thunder and lightening.
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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