Tapering is the worst + one of my guilty pleasures + weekend plans!

One of my girlfriends is OBSESSED with Rhea. Like, very, very obsessed. I get messages like this whenever I post about her. Ha!
Anyone else out there love sautéed spinach? I just started making it within the last year or so. I feel like I really missed out before. So much of my life. Wasted.
Still just over here sharing one piece of furniture. I like to wear my robe for awhile after I get up, unless I run in the AM. If I don’t run, I like to work on my blog and eat breakfast, while lounging in my robe. It’s my morning downtime and it’s my favorite. Lu was not happy about sharing a chair with me. 
She’s getting so big! I can’t wait until she’s ready to hit the trails with us.
Jake is a lineman and yesterday was Lineman Appreciation Day. Thank you to all linemen out there!!
My friend Cassie and I have known each other since we were 15. When we were in high school, we started keeping all pictures of us in a photo album. We called the album C Squared since both our names started with C. Clever, I know. I found it while I was packing and had to share a few gems with you.

In this picture, we turned my parents’ player piano on repeat and attempted to convince our entire basketball team that we were playing very advanced songs…with oranges in our mouths? I think this was before a basketball game, haha! Yes, we were (and probably still are) weird.

This was at some random sleepover, I think.
A high school dance, maybe our sophomore year?
I think this one was in college. Maybe our freshmen year? I can’t believe we have a whole album like this…HA!
Lunch was another delicious wrap with sweet potatoes.
I hopped on the treadmill to knock out my easy run and it was kind of messed up (Jake fixed it), so I grabbed a long-sleeved shirt and hit the road. It was super windy, and I wanted to quit every step, but I got my 6 miles in. Why is tapering so hard?! I was/am excited for less miles, just since we are so busy with packing and everything, but man, my body feels off. That is always the case when I taper.
This is only one small portion of the boxes. We are slowly moving everything out into the garage.
This dinner is delicious. I shared the recipe HERE. I forgot to do a step-by-step, but these will definitely be made again soon, so I’ll do one then!
Tapering is going super well. Eye-roll. Why is tapering so hard?! My body feels dead.
Easy miles with Alex this morning!
I can’t believe Easter is Sunday! We will be packing all weekend, but then have lunch and dinner plans with our families on Sunday. I can’t wait to see everyone! We are now in the part of packing that is not fun. It’s all little things and it’s just a mess. We will survive…I think!
Happy Friday, friends!

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