Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend FLEW BY. It’s going to be race weekend/time to move before we know it!

We went through our attic, garage, and shop this weekend, so it felt good to get rid of/organize/donate a bunch of stuff. We also had fun torturing our fur children. This video cracks me up.

I got my Go Girl pictures back. This is the face of concentration and needing mimosas.
At some point on Friday I had this delicious wrap with lots of leftovers thrown in. We are working on eating up the things in our fridge and freezer, so no real meal prep for me until we get moved.
My little sunbathers.
Rhea was pretty happy when Jake got home from work Friday.
We packed most of the evening on Friday, so I ran to Lucky’s for a pizza and salad for dinner. Their salad bar is amazing.
I also had one of my favorite beers from a brewery in Columbia. This is from the 6-pack Jake got for me when I passed my dissertation defense! That seems like it was YEARS ago, when really, it was just a few months. My post about that weekend is HERE. Yet another reason I love blogging – I love looking back on these memories! 
I had my last long-ish run Saturday. I had an easy 90 minutes, so I had some toast and hit the road.
It was a beautiful day!
All we have in our pantry – stuff for oatmeal, a few snacks, and different things for lunches. That’s it! We are having sandwiches for lunches this week, plus whatever leftovers we have. Our dinners will be from the freezer – sooo, no clue what’s in there…
One of my favorite snacks – yogurt with cereal mixed in.
Kayla wore the tank we all wore for my bachelorette party!
We had packed ALL day Saturday and were both starving around 4:30PM, so I went to Price Cutter and bought all this deliciousness. Their sushi is SO good.
After dinner, we moved a few more things, then took a little break and sat in our backyard. We will miss this place! I got a little choked up last week thinking about leaving this home. Jake bought this house 8 years ago, so I know he’s going to be sad on our last day here, too. I moved in almost 3 years ago, which is hard to believe! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. A Truly a day helps with moving. 
Sunday morning, I had an easy 45 minute run, so Lu joined me for part of it. Lu once ran 6 miles with me! She’s crazy.
My eyelashes have grown back!! I’m so happy. I also use THIS serum at night and wear THIS mascara. For new readers, I used to get eyelash extensions, which I LOVED, but I decided to stop getting them since we were looking to buy a house. I pulled them out on my own (Don’t do that. It’s SO dumb), so most of my lashes were missing or super stubby. I’m SO glad they’re finally growing back. 
Everything but our mattress, our kitchen table, a hutch, and our back patio things are in our garage right now.
Jake was on call this week, so he got called into work before we met my family for Easter brunch. He was so bummed.

I packed all of my clothes last week, but left this denim dress out. It’s light, but also warm. I wasn’t sure what the weather would be like, but this ended up being perfect.

I had brunch with my family at Highland. Their brunch buffet was pretty good! Those baked carrots were AMAZING.
We missed Jake, but any time I get to love on my niece, I’m going to be happy. Not the best angle for our picture, but oh well!
We headed to dinner with Jake’s family Sunday evening. We had been there about 10 minutes when Jake got called into work again. Poor guy. I made him a massive plate of this goodness (so did his aunt, so we had LOTS of food for him), and took it home with me. Everything was SO good!
We got just about everything packed and ready to go for next week. We didn’t want to be moving a bunch of heavy stuff the same week we have races (Jake has a race Saturday (100k) and I have one Sunday (marathon)), so hopefully now we can relax a little. We move on Tuesday of next week! I know moving day will be hectic, but we are so excited!

This my first rest day since last Monday. I am pumped. My body needs a day to recover. I have pretty short runs this week – I think my longest is a 6-miler tomorrow. I ended with 39 miles total last week. I can’t believe this is my last training week! This training cycle flew by, too. 
Happy Monday, friends!


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