One week! + new living room + a funny video…

We had a bunch of oatmeal and steel cut oats in our pantry, so that is what we are having for breakfast this week. I like to add an egg to mine – I just scramble a whole egg, add it to the water and oats (prepare everything like you normally would), then cook it all for about 2:30. Once it’s cooked, top the mixture with whatever deliciousness you’d like. Yesterday, mine was topped with chia seeds, flax seeds, peanut butter, and honey. Mmm. You can’t even tell there’s an egg cooked in there!
I shared on social media that my race is going to be a warm one. I asked for different tips and tricks for racing in the heat. People had some really great ideas! I shared them below. I will also share what worked for me (and what didn’t) after my race on Sunday!

Tip 1: Hydrate! Done and done. I always drink a lot of water, but this week I am adding in Nuun electrolyte tablets each day, too.
Tip 2: Up sodium intake. I don’t add salt to things when I cook them, so this is something I’ll be working on this week. Here comes the bloating…
Tip 3: Oranges help with cramping. I hadn’t heard this before!
Tip 4: Wear a hat and sunglasses. Always!
Tip 5: Put ice in my sports bra. This sounds cold, but I’ll give it a try!
Tip 6: Dump water on myself at aid stations. Done and done. 
Tip 7: Anti chafe cream. Heat makes us more bloated, so more rubbing could occur. I swear by Body Glide. I put it under my sports bra strap before any run. It saves my skin.
Tip 8: Stay inside. HA! ; )

​I’ll let you know know what I try and what works for me! If you have any other tips, send them my way!

Lunches this week are sandwiches with chips. Easy.
We pulled our desk chair out into the living room, so watch out! We now have THREE different chairs to choose from. HA! All of our rooms are empty except our mattress in our master bedroom. Wow. It’s happening. This time next week, we will be getting ready to move!
Jake’s sister is watching our girls for us this weekend while we are gone. She’s the best dog sitter and they get so excited when she stays over. We took her to dinner last night and had a blast. We always love getting to hang out with her. Even when she tries to kill me (see the video at the end for a good laugh.) Jake and I enjoyed a beer out of our mugs – carbo loading, right?
I had this amazing burger and fries. I ate about half of it and packed up the other half to bring home. I left the dang box on the table!! Ugh. I was (and still am) so sad.
On Easter, Chelsea, my SIL, needed some help with something for school. She was measuring the angles of someone setting a volleyball. We didn’t have a volleyball, so we used this big plastic ball. After we recorded the things she needed, we started running into each other with the ball. Yes, we are basically 5 year olds. I told Chelsea not to hurt me because my marathon is this weekend. On the third time of us doing this, Aunt Michelle recorded us. Chelsea laid me out! Hahaha! It’s hilarious. And it doesn’t look like she hit me very hard, and she probably didn’t, but I went flying. Here’s a good laugh for you. I didn’t get hurt, so it’s all good.

I get to love on my sweet niece later today. I cannot wait! I also have my last workout run in this training cycle today, so I’m excited for that, too. TMI in the next sentence. Scroll past it if needed.

TMI – I started my period, so I won’t be on it for my race! Wahoo! That’s the best feeling ever. Although, I have had some of my best races while I’m on my period…starting before my race is just one less thing to deal with. Plus, not having cramps will be awesome.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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  1. Michelle Hao

    Pickle juice shots are great if you can chug it down. I found this out in my last 50k. It helps with cramping! Academy has some you can get and try before your race. Oh and I totally loved that video. I may have watched more than once, lol.

  2. Aunt Michelle

    My only wish was that I had continued filming!! HA I can’t get enough of that video. Such a fun evening!!

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