Mild Mom panic + my last workout run + marathon hunger!

I think Lu is part cat. She loves to balance on the backs and arms of chairs.
This steel-cut oat mixture has been so delicious all week. I had forgotten how much I like oats! I have been making both of us MASSIVE bowls of oats. We have been so hungry this week. Marathon (and ultra marathon – Jake) hunger is real. 
I had some mild dog mom panic. I was in our bedroom and Lu brought me her tennis ball. It was covered in blood. I then looked at Lu, and she was covered in blood. I started searching her all over to see where the blood was coming from. Nothing. I then grabbed Rhea and started searching for blood on her. Nothing. I then started looking in their mouths. Sure enough, Miss Rhea had lost about 7 teeth. It was awful. I’m assuming they were baby teeth, but I found her trying to eat this one. Eye-roll. It was scary! We have a vet appointment next week, so I’ll have them check her out. She was chewing on a bone in the same spot where she lost all the teeth, so I’m pretty sure she’s teething. I definitely panicked a little when I first saw blood. These two play so rough, so I was just hoping someone hadn’t ripped someone else’s ear or something.
I have kind of enjoyed our easy lunches of sandwiches and chips. It takes me back to being a kid!
Niece cuddles. My heart could explode. She’s so perfect.
When your group chat with another couple only relies on GIFs to communicate…
I had my last workout run for this training cycle on Tuesday. I usually feel pretty terrible during my taper weeks, but I felt surprisingly strong during that run, which made me feel good. I did something I would tell (and have told) someone NOT to do – I ordered new shorts the week of my race. I decided not to wear my pack for this marathon, so I wanted some shorts with pockets. I got THESE from Senita and I am OBSESSED. I love running in spandex, but I don’t want my butt cheeks hanging out of my shorts, so I got the 7″ inseam and they’re perfect. I think these are going to be great for my race. Stay tuned…Oh, and another perk? They’re only $20! 
I ended with a little over 6.5 mile for the day. My workout looked like this: 2 mile warm-up, 3x 1 mile at threshold pace with 2:00 jog recovery, 1 mile cool-down. I tried to keep my threshold pace close to 8:00s. I’ll share all my marathon goals tomorrow!
Jake came home with a bunch of Morel mushrooms the other day. I was stoked. Look at all of these!
We are eating leftovers from our freezer this week. Anything is good if you throw it in a tortilla, right?
Get you a friend like Alex. How sweet is she for offering to make us food?? I responded in-between these texts, but I just wanted to share how thoughtful she is. Thanks, girlfriend!! Thankful for you!
Early morning miles with Alex and Cassie. Alex looks so happy holding her key because it fell out of her pocket during our run and we managed to retrace our steps and find it!
More steel-cut oats.
We are all about tortillas and wraps this week. I miss meal prepping…can’t wait to cook in my new kitchen!
Dark chocolate covered espresso beans. Yes, please. My Momma put these in our Easter basket this year. I was pretty excited.
Cuddles with my babies. They’re all out of sorts because of our packing.
This week, I am thankful for meal prep and frozen food. We had the same dinner again, but this time I added some broccoli. It was delicious.
Our friends Kallie and Coty came over last night and we had our last bonfire at this house. It was bittersweet. Also, check out that burn!
Another early morning run with Alex! It rained on us most of the run, but I’m so glad we aren’t bundled up in all the layers anymore. I love winter running, but I’m always thankful for warmer weather.
I have my last day of observing my college students today. We have our final class meeting in two weeks, so I am excited to talk to all of them about this past semester. Jake and I have a pasta date tonight because he leaves for California for a race on Friday! This weekend will be a busy one, but we have some cool stuff going on! I’ll share all the details tomorrow. 
Happy Friday Eve, friends! 


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  1. Rebecca Sudja

    Yes! Her baby teeth!! We would find them all over! Oh, and those Senita shorts! I bought some last month and LOVE them! I will be stocking up!

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