My husband is a creeper + marathon goals!

I grabbed coffees on my way home after running yesterday. I love the honey latte with macadamia nut milk from Architect Coffee here in town. It’s amazing. I had never had macadamia nut milk before. YUM. 
I got this text after I left the house to go observe my students yesterday. HA! He cracks me up. Such a sweet creeper. We have a Ring doorbell, so we can see and talk to anyone on our front porch. It’s awesome.
Rhea likes to sleep on more than one surface. She gets hot on carpet, but I’m sure it’s more comfortable than the wood floor. I guess this is the best of both worlds?
We ended up changing our minds and going to Galloway for dinner last night. I had the veggie burger and it was incredible, as always.
I leave in the AM for my marathon in OKC! Anyone else running one of the OKC Memorial races? If so, let me know!

Let’s talk goals – it can be scary putting your goals out there, but you’ve followed along on this whole journey, so I want to share everything with you. Whether you want me to or not ; ). I have a time goal for this marathon. I would love to cross the finish line in 3 hours and 45 minutes. I have done the work, so now it’s just time to trust the process. No one knows what they’re getting into on race morning; so much can change during 26.2 miles. All I can do is my very best! I feel ready and I have the best coaches in the world supporting me.

If you want to track me, you can download this app (APPLE or ANDROID) or go to THIS website. My bib number is 932.

I have an easy 20 minute shake-out in the morning, then I’ll hit the road! This is my second marathon, so just based on my first (HERE), I know it’s going to hurt. All races hurt. I’ve been through that pain and survived it. I’m excited to see how my body feels this race – I am anxious to learn more about my body and compare this race to my last – that’s how we learn what works best for us. It’s supposed to be pretty hot on race day, so I have been hydrating with electrolytes all week. I am not a good heat runner, so that’s definitely going to test me. I can’t wait to share my race recap with you on Monday, no matter the outcome! I am going to be using Skratch hydration mix and Spring Energy gels for nutrition during this race. 

My playlist is HERE. I need to add a few more songs to it. 

Oh yeah, we also start moving Monday, HA! Big weekend for us. I hope you have the best Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Happy Friday, friends!

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