Niece love + moving day!

We had our last ‘’meal’ at our current home yesterday for breakfast. We have eaten up most of what was left in the pantry and fridge, so meals have been pretty random. Yesterday for breakfast I had toast with butter and jam and a slice of provolone cheese with turkey.
We ran some errands and finished up a few things, then met my sister and Eleanor for lunch. I love being an aunt. It’s the best. And my sister is the best momma! Eleanor is such a sweet baby.
We had lunch at one of my favorite places – Nearly Famous! Their salad will change your life. I am right-handed but NEEDED to hold Eleanor the entire time we were together, so I ate my whole meal with my left-hand. I never dropped anything! I couldn’t believe it. It’s the little things…
I can’t wait to share more pictures with you guys, but our new house has a rope swing! We did our final walk-through yesterday and everything was perfect.
We picked up our U-Haul at 4PM. We loaded and moved things until a little after 9. We got SO much done. We are so blessed to have such amazing people around to help us with this move. Jake’s parents and our friend Seth worked their tails off. We also had some other friends come over and help – we love you guys! When we finished, everyone came inside and said goodbye to our house. We sure have had some great memories here.
We grabbed a super later dinner with the friends who helped us, then sat at the bar drinking and talking until almost 11. This salad was delicious. It had a bunch of fried chickpeas on top. 
Jake and I are both SO excited for our new house, but moving is definitely bittersweet. Jake bought our current home when he was 22. He lived there for 8 years and I was there almost 3. It was where he was living when we met, when we started dating, and where I lived when we got engaged and married. SO many incredible memories. We will never forget this first home. Ever.
Happy Tuesday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    Congrats! I am sure that this is a BIG move for you guys!! This will be a great NEW start for your marriage and your future family! Have you guys decided to hold off on taking your honeymoon now as you decided to buy a new house instead?? 🙂

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