Day 1 + our kitchen + yesssss!

My goal yesterday was to get our kitchen and pantry completely organized. I didn’t organize any food in the pantry, but I did get everything else finished. That is SUCH a good feeling. We have a ton more storage in the kitchen and pantry at our new house, so it’s been nice having a little extra space. Our pantry is an entire room! I’ll share more pictures as we get settled. Once everything is unpacked, I’ll do a post about the whole house.

I spent yesterday morning cutting shelf paper for the entire kitchen. It took forever, but it turned out great. I love the layout of the shelves – if you look at the second shelf from the bottom, you can tell that it is half the width of the others. It’s perfect for bowls and other little things. It’s a little hard to tell in the picture, but if you look at the wine glasses on the bottom shelf, you can tell a little easier, since the stems go past the shelf.

I haven’t gotten groceries yet, so I grabbed Panera for breakfast. I hadn’t found the box where our coffee was packed, so I got two coffees at Panera. HA! I knew one wouldn’t be enough.
I think Lu approves of her new view. We got our internet and cable installed yesterday, too. We didn’t have cable in our old house, so we will see if we use it. I haven’t had much time to explore the channels yet, but I’m excited to sit down and relax later tonight to look through some shows.
The kitchen is finished!! I cannot wait to meal prep here.
I love being able to store the dishes I use for parties in the kitchen. In our old house, they wouldn’t fit in the kitchen, so I had them stored in a hutch.
Meal prep heaven.
All the boxes from yesterday. I also emptied about 12 Rubbermaid containers.
I had a meeting last night about some exciting things, but I realized after I showered that I had no clue which boxes my clothes were in. I managed to find a couple of things, but my goal today is to get our closets organized. Wish me luck!
My sister sent me this. Can you love your niece too much? Asking for a friend.
I’m off to organize closets! Can’t wait to share more of our home with you.

Oh yeah, poor Jake worked until 8:30 last night. That’s 23 hours of straight work. Woof. Poor guy. 

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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