Pup update + infection + progress!

I love the living room in our new house. It is all open and has a massive window. The girls love to stare out the window. You can see Rhea looking out in this picture. All of our plants are in the living room right now and it looks like a jungle. We ordered our couch and an area rug last night – I can’t wait for them to get here!
The neighbors behind us have 5 kiddos. They are all super sweet and they love playing with our girls. Rhea will sit on our side of the fence and the neighbor kiddos will stick their hands through to pet her. She’s a little spoiled.
This is gross, but my finger has been hurting for about a week and I could tell there was some sort of infection around a hang nail I had. My finger would throb and just felt super hot. I finally used a needle to poke it yesterday and this shot out. It was disgusting. I kept bumping that sore finger on boxes and different things, so I definitely needed to take care of it. It feels much better this morning!
I got to watch my sweet niece for a little bit yesterday. Piper dressed her in this adorable pineapple outfit. I loved it.
I got our bathroom, our hall closet, and our bedroom completely unpacked yesterday. I finished hanging clothes almost 12 hours after I started. Our bedroom/closet definitely took me the longest to unpack thus far. I am SO glad it’s finished.

Here’s our bathroom. We don’t have decorations or anything up, but it’s slowly coming together. I love having two sinks!

All. The. Boxes.
A girlfriend came to take some of our boxes and she brought me coffee! Thanks, Tracie, you’re the best!!

I finally got to cook our first meal in our new home last night! We had salmon, carrots, my favorite brussels, and toast. I love my new kitchen. Love. It.
Someone finally got to get up on our bed and cuddle for a little bit.
Second meal in the new house – egg sandwiches.
I think I’m going to tackle our pantry today…we will see. I have a bunch of grading I need to do, too, so I’m going to knock that out today.
Happy Friday, friends!


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  1. Michelle Hartgraves

    Yay for two sinks!! I wished my bathroom did. I am glad you like your new house. That swing is a plus too!

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